10 Great Korean Barbecue Restaurants in Orange County

10 Great Korean Barbecue Restaurants in Orange County
Dustin Ames

Anyone who lives in Orange County has likely committed communal gluttony at the county's many Korean barbecue restaurants. We veterans know the drill: you pay around $20 for endless plates of brisket, bulgogi, and pork belly, which are brought to you raw and ready to be grilled. You've come in clothes you don't mind inflicting the smell of flesh upon, and you're eager to sit at your table for as long as possible, where you measure your fullness levels in intervals to determine if you can handle another plate of beef. In fact, you know the county's Korean barbecue spots so well that you already have a top five in your head. We've made our own list, and perhaps we share a few in common.

10. Incheonwon BBQ House (Garden Grove)

10 Great Korean Barbecue Restaurants in Orange County
Photo by Phil Denton

One of the cheaper Korean barbecue spots, Incheonwon BBQ House has a $15 lunch special and starts at $19 for dinner. After a round of brisket, tongue, bulgogi, prime steak, and other meats, go for some strawberry, green tea, or vanilla ice cream and take up the server's offer of pumpkin juice to aid digestion.

13321 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove, (714) 638-9292

9. Shik Do Rak (Multiple Locations)

10 Great Korean Barbecue Restaurants in Orange County
Edwin Goei

Shik Do Rak doesn't just have a $15 AYCE lunch special--they also offer the same special after 9:15 p.m. on weekdays. This might explain why it's always busy there, along with the fact that their meat is consistently tender. Here's more on Shik Do Rak from Edwin:

The Black Angus Deckle is the easiest to cook and consume. Red, cylindrical curls of thinly shaved beef are presented frozen, but not for long.

Whatever you do, do not pass up the rib eye: two flat slabs thicker than a fashion mag. Slap one on the grill and let it sear. When a good crust develops, flip and repeat. With the scissors they provide, snip the steak into bite-sized pieces. It's rich and butter-soft. Your tablemates will toast your grilling prowess, but the meat is so well-marbled, even a kid with an Easy-Bake Oven can look like Emeril.

14805 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine, (949) 653-7668 9691 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, (714) 534-7668

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