10 Essential Fullerton Restaurants

5. Les Amis

10 Essential Fullerton Restaurants
Photo by Todd Barnes

There are three tables and only a handful of chairs to go around, and most customers who choose to dine in actually dine outside, claiming the sole patio table. It's also the only place where hookahs can be lit without stinking up the joint or breaking state laws. In the short time Les Amis has been open, it has become what its owners intended: a takeout spot for shawerma wraps--”quick, cheap, freshly made sustenance for Fullerton College students to scarf down between classes. The chicken shawerma alone might be responsible for an uptick in Tic Tac sales on campus. It reeks of the slathered garlic paste called toum, wrapped drum-tight inside warmed pita bread and torpedo-long.

6. Pieology

10 Essential Fullerton Restaurants
Anne Marie Panorigan

By now you may have a Pieology near where you live; but this one started it all. Now pizza shops like this are everywhere. You already know that the pie is close to the Neapolitan idea of a pizza, except without the characteristically bulbous crust of Mozza or Ortica, and made in a Chipotle-style assembly line.

7. The Olde Ship British Pub & Restaurant

10 Essential Fullerton Restaurants
Edwin Goei

If you've seen a bigger piece of cod than in the fish and chips served at this Fullerton institution, you might yourself be the fisherman who hauled it out of the ocean. The Olde Ship's legendary fried fish meal is not the cheapest around, but it is to fish and chips what Big Ben is to clocks. And you couldn't ask for a better atmosphere to eat it. It feels like England in there; and a few of the regulars are actually Brits, or Irishmen, or Scots, all of whom trust The Olde Ship to pour a proper pint to chase down the fish and chips, the Scotch eggs, the bangers and mash, and an English breakfast served all day.

8. The Pint House

10 Essential Fullerton Restaurants
Todd Barnes

In the evolutionary time line of bars, the Pint House blazes its own path. It calls itself "an upscale American-style pub and restaurant without an upscale price," but let us translate: It's more Cheers than Moe's Tavern, more burger joint than gastropub. Regulars, or maybe those crazy college kids from nearby Fullerton College, order the Power Tower, an oversized beer dispenser the height and shape of a gigantic lava lamp. The house-baked soft pretzels are the defining mouthful of the night; the twisty, well-browned doughy loops are the natural symbiotic partner to anything hop-based you should drink. So oven-hot they burn the epidermis off your fingertips and crusted with perhaps too much salt, they will, as in that oft-quoted Seinfeld episode, make you thirsty.

9. Tranquil Tea Lounge

10 Essential Fullerton Restaurants
Photo by Kimberly Valenzuela

Tranquil Tea Lounge is a tea house to end all tea houses. Its proprietors treat the tea leaves with the care of meticulous curators, the inspiration of mad inventors, the zeal of passionate advocates. With an encyclopedic menu cataloging every conceivable and not-so-conceivable permutation of teas black, green, oolong, white, pu-erh, rooibo, maté, herbal and tisane, you could visit for a hundred consecutive days and never sip the same drink twice.

10. Yogurtland

10 Essential Fullerton Restaurants
Courtesy of Yogurtland

Pinkberry is old news, long since dethroned by Yogurtland, which is now recognized as the one who bested them all. All hail Yogurtland, the king of froyo and Phillip Chang (pictured), its Howard Schultz. The kingdom began here in Fullerton, starting out as humble addendum to what used to be just another boba joint called Boba Loca. But as everyone knows, Yogurtland's self-serve yogurt concept took off, and now, well, you've got one within a few clicks of wherever you are right now. If you relish playing Dr. Frankenstein with your frozen yogurt, creating yogurt flavor combos Pinkberry never dreamed, you have to pay your respects to this seminal location. Someday, when Yogurtland expands to Starbucks-like ubiquity, tourists will flock here to Fullerton like they do the original Starbucks at Seattle's Pike Place Market.

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