Veg for a buck? We wish.
Veg for a buck? We wish.

$1 Deals At Whole Foods Market Tustin This Saturday

We rubbed our eyes and squinted before we reread it. A dollar sale at Whole Paycheck? We picture muffins sliced in half quarters, right?

If you're willing to fight the hell known as The District parking lot, keep reading for what they're advertising.

The short list includes a spinach feta salmon slider offered by their gregarious fishmongers (seriously-- we've seen them banter like a vaudeville act.) Carnivores should wander to the Smokehouse Grill for a Costco-ish hot dog. Churrascaria tacos for one dollar? Soho or Taco Maria gems these are not, but cheapskates aren't choosers. Cross your fingers for a Bootleggers option as the beer sample at their wine bar . And expect a modest portion of gelato or sorbet next to the bakery.

You'll still balk at the rest of their prices, but at least you're not grocery shopping starving.

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