1 Barrel Rum at Hi-Time Wine Cellar, Our Drink of the Week!

Drink it up!
Drink it up!
Photo by The Mexican

"Rum might just be the next hot thing in the spirits market," Mr. Hi-Time told me this week, and what he says is TRUTH. I was happy to see that his shop, the eponymous Hi-Time Wine Cellar, has started stocking Buffalo Trace bourbon cream, which I w rote about years ago. But rum's going to be the Next Big Thing? I've been seeing rarities pop up in bars recently, from Guyana, Indonesia and even Spain, so I asked Mr. Hi-Time what should I try. He said to go with 1 Barrel Rum from Belize, so I did.

The Drink

Behold your new prince of the paupers. At only $13 a bottle, One Barrel is a magnificent cheap rum: fierier than its 80-proof leads you to believe, with a fruity bouquet and a molasses finish. It's great as a mixer, but you can also enjoy it neat. I hereby declare 1 Barrel the Evan Williams of the bourbon world--gracias, Mr. Hi-Time! Time for me to try new rums besides your awesome Pink Pigeon. Now, can you make cachaça a thing?

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Hi-Time Wine Cellars

250 Ogle St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627



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