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    October 6, 2014

    VIDEO: ¡Ask a Mexican! On Whether Saying "Los Doyers" is Racist!

    Tonight, the Los Angeles Dodgers are going to face off against the St. Louis Cardinals, with their National League Divisional Series tied at 1-1. But the big news in Dodgers land was a laughable column written by a columnist for the Torrance Daily Breeze, arguing that saying "los Doyers" is racist. ... More >>

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    October 1, 2014

    Dear Albert: An Open Letter of Apology to Angels "El Hombre" Pujols

    Dear Albert, Please bear with me as the following is most difficult to write as it includes the unthinkable: admitting that I was wrong. But wrong I was, about you in an Angels uniform, your on-field production and your deep faith, for which I would like to extend my most sincere apology, especiall ... More >>

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    January 17, 2013

    Scott Spiezio of Legendary Angels Homerun Lore is Coming Back to the Big A

    Remember back in the days the Anaheim Angels of Anaheim were winning the West, taking the pennant and then ending the Fall Classic as World Series champions?Yes, how soon we forget 2002.But a hero from the Halos' glory days is returning to the Big A.

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    December 14, 2012

    [UPDATED with Torii Hunter Tweets:] Josh Hamilton Bringing His Big Stick to Loaded Anaheim Angels of Anaheim Outfield

    See the update at the end of this post where fan favorite Torii Hunter first accuses Angels owner Arte Moreno of lying to him about having no money to re-sign him, then changing his tune.ORIGINAL POST, DEC. 13, 1:18 P.M.: When the Angels snagged Albert Pujols before the start of last season, we made ... More >>

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    October 2, 2012

    Good Morning, Your Anaheim Angeles of Anaheim Are Out of It

    Remember when the Angels acquired Albert Pujols and they immediately started printing World Series tickets?And remember that dreadful start Pujols got off to and how the Angels, who had a terrible beginning the year they won their only World Series, tried to reassure everyone that they'd still make ... More >>

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    September 20, 2012

    Report: Anaheim Angels in Talks to Move to City of...Industry?!

    After all that has been said and done, I gotta say that the jury is still out on whether Arte Moreno is the best owner your Anaheim Angels could have. Yes, he's spent hundreds of millions of dollars on marquee free agents...yet the Halos haven't been to the World Series since he bought the team back ... More >>

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    August 27, 2012

    Mike Scioscia Bound for Boston Dugout?

    Despite a disappointing season--remember when World Series tickets were being printed up after the Angels landed Albert Pujols?--Anaheim skipper Mike Scioscia was recently lavished with job security comments from general manager Jerry Dipoto and owner Arte Moreno.So why is a MLB Network expert convi ... More >>

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    May 31, 2012

    Reggie Jackson Sued for Nearly $750,000 for Supposedly Stiffing Business Manager

    Hall of Fame slugger, onetime California Angel and Naked Gun robotic Queen-killing machine Reggie Jackson is being sued in Santa Ana's Orange County Superior Court for allegedly stiffing a former business manager who now wants nearly $750,000. "Mr. October" made an oral, lifetime agreement in 2002 t ... More >>

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    April 26, 2012
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    February 28, 2012

    Don Mattingly Says Angels are Mets to Dodgers' Yankees

    ​Moments before the first full-squad workout of spring training and the launch of another disappointing season for the hapless Los Angeles Dodgers, manager Don Mattingly created some poster board material today by comparing his team to the New York Yankees and the Angels to the New York Mets.In ot ... More >>

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    October 25, 2011

    Mike Napoli, Former Angels Catcher, Continuing to Humiliate Halos with World Series Heroics

    Those were the days...​This year's baseball World Series between the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals has been a thriller--two close games decided by one run, followed by two blowouts, followed by yesterday's thrilling Game 5, which saw the Rangers rally in the bottom of the seventh with two ... More >>

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    September 22, 2011

    'Moneyball' Is a Field of Statistically Knowable Dreams

    The formulas work in movie version of Michael Lewis' book

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    March 30, 2011

    Mike Scioscia and Angels Win Battle: Los Angeles

    Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly Click here to see more photos from the game.​The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim beat the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles 5-1 last night at Angels Stadium to sweep the annual Freeway Series.It was classic Mike Scioscia small ball (with a 5th inning Torii Hunter ... More >>

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    March 23, 2011

    [UPDATED: Charged] Former Angels Player Adam Kennedy Arrested On Suspicion of DUI in Newport Beach

    Courtesy of OCDAAdam Kennedy's booking photo​​UPDATE, MARCH 23, 5:36 P.M.: It's official. Adam Kennedy, a former Angels second baseman, has been charged with two counts of driving under the influence, the OC district attorney's office announced today. The current Mariners player, who was st ... More >>

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    October 27, 2010

    Out-of-Work Angels Rally Monkey Creator Forced to Sell His World Series Ring

    ​Things really are tough all over. Robert Castillo was let go as a production manager with the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles in the 2007 off-season. He hasn't latched onto a new job since, so he is selling his 2002 Anaheim Angels World Series Championship ring. Asking price: $19,995.What's even sa ... More >>

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    July 15, 2010

    Anaheim Has Dubious Distinction of Hosting Baseball's Lowest Rated All-Star Game Ever

    ​It may have been a coup for Anaheim to get Major League Baseball's 2010 All-Star Game, but as of now that particular Midsummer Classic has the distinction of having drawn the lowest television ratings ever. Tuesday night's game on Fox had a 7.5 household rating and an average of 12.1 million vie ... More >>

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    June 10, 2010

    The Double Play's the Thing

    [Summer Guide] The sweet science and the ol' ballgame dominate the theater's sports-themed lineup

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    May 31, 2010

    Darin Erstad Still Helps Angels Community

    Flickr user Rich AndersonDarin Erstad hits a game-tying homer for the Angels in 2005.​The way the Angels have been playing so far this season, they could use a Timmy Salmon, Troy Percival and especially Darin Erstad in their primes. At least Ersty is giving something back to fans and the Orange Co ... More >>

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    April 16, 2010

    It's One Step Forward, Two Back For the Angels

    Flickr user chris.ptacek​ The Angels under Mike Scioscia have been about consistency. Their manager preaches, and seems to live by, a mantra of keeping everything balanced. Losses don't get the team too low and winning doesn't get them too high. The approach has worked well for Orange County's bas ... More >>

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    January 5, 2010

    What Do the Angels Do Now That Rory Markas Has Died?

    Fox Sports NetMark Gubicza and Rory Markas (right) open a broadcast.​When play-by-play man Rory Markas started broadcasting Angels games in 1994, he could not end his call with "Just another Halo victory!" as often as he would in the 2000s, when Anaheim became a perennial playoff contender.Now, fa ... More >>

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    October 26, 2009

    Alex Rodriguez Hotel Quiz Time!

    So your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim lost the American League Championship Series to the New York Yankees because of a shocking loss of their trademark sharp play (seriously, guys: that error in the bottom of the eighth?). Whatever--let's move on to meatier a carne asada Sunday event, I ... More >>

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    September 25, 2009

    2009 Postseason Smackdown: Optimist, Pessimist or Suicidal?

    ​CHILL THE CHAMPAGNE!!!​Jered Weaver takes the mound against the A's this evening with the Angels (90-62) seemingly in the driver's seat for their third consecutive American League West title. The only Angel starter who hasn't missed a turn in the rotation, Weaver will be throwing on an extra da ... More >>

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    September 24, 2009

    2009 Postseason Throwdown: Angels Owner Clings Tightly to $$$; Yankees Boast Big A Hex Broken; Long Beach Kid Redeems Himself

    Angels owner Arte Moreno don't need no stinkin' ticket price cuts. Major League Baseball franchises have taken a hammering in attendance this season (thank you, shitty U.S. economy!), so all the teams that are playoff-bound or possibly so are resisting the common end-of-season tick ... More >>

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    January 14, 2009

    A New Curse on Your Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

    We Navel Gazers have had our issues with Arte Moreno's decision in 2005 to rename his Major League Baseball team the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim--with the understanding that we would immediately embrace Whatever the Hell the Team's Called once it reclaimed the World Series glory of 2002. Howe ... More >>

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    November 28, 2008

    LowBallVideoChatter: Steely Dan, "Black Friday"

    Good morning! It's Black Friday, a term some wanker marketing genius coined for the day after Thanksgiving when, ideally, retailers all across this mass-consumer-crazed nation of ours will be (the theory goes) left "in the black." Though in these recessionary times, I'm not even expecting Christmas ... More >>

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    September 4, 2008

    Beat NY!

    Angels vs. Yankees

  • Calendar

    May 8, 2008

    Winging It

    Angels vs. Chicago White Sox

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    April 3, 2008

    Halo There

    Anaheim Angels vs. Cleveland Indians

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    October 22, 2007

    Steal a Base, Steal a Taco?

    Irvine-based Taco Bell Corp. announced this morning that it will give a free taco to "everyone in America" if any player steals a base during the 2007 Major League Baseball World Series, which--as usual--won't include the Dodgers. The item at stake is the crunchy beef taco valued at 77 cents. Here ... More >>

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    May 24, 2007

    Dealing for Dollars

    Some of Scott Boras notable moves

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    May 24, 2007

    The Boras Factor

    Some fans and team officials think hes the devil. His player clients think hes an angel. Everyone agrees that super agent Scott Boras has changed baseballbut for better or worse? And what does he want now?

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    January 25, 2007

    Diary of a Mad County

    Jan. 17-Jan. 23

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    November 2, 2006

    Diary of a Mad County

    Oct. 25 - Oct. 31

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    September 14, 2006


    Covering the bases with Angels good guy Darin Erstad

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    March 30, 2006

    Season's Greetings!

    Our Annual Guide to the Angels

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    March 30, 2006

    Year Zero

    Nothing will ever outstrange what happened to the Angels in 1986

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    February 6, 2006

    Halo Friendlies

    The Register reports that an "expert" testifying for the Angels contends that attendance jumped 45 percent after the Halos won the 2002 World Series, which is meant to bolster the argument in favor of letting the team keep calling itself the LOS ANGELES Angels of Anaheim, Cucamonga and the Lower Mis ... More >>

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    October 14, 2004
  • Columns

    September 9, 2004
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    January 1, 2004

    The Year in Girl

    There was a war in there, somewhere

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    December 4, 2003

    Fallen Angel

    A year ago, Benji Gil was playing in the world series. Now, hes starting at second base for your Culiacan Tomateros!

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    October 2, 2003
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    July 31, 2003

    Total Recall

    Darrell Issas teeny weapon

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    July 31, 2003
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    May 1, 2003

    Leftist Latino

    Latinos are front-runners, just like everyone else

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    January 30, 2003

    Touched By an Angel

    Anyone got a 10-foot pole?

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    November 7, 2002

    Mr. Eisners Wild Ride

    How Disney screwed a ballcluband won a Series

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    October 31, 2002

    A Is for A-Hole

    Real Angels fans dont wear plaid

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    August 8, 2002