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    September 29, 2014

    The Best Concerts in OC This Week

    Don't forget to check out our constantly updated OC Concert Calendar Monday, September 29 Bicycles and Jazz Saddleback College Well, it's pretty clear what Taylor Ho Bynum's two favorite things are. Currently winding down his 1800-mile Acoustic Bicycle Tour, Bynum makes a stop at Saddleback Colleg ... More >>

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    September 25, 2014

    Bicycles and Jazz

    Saddleback College

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    February 20, 2014

    Crazy Scot Teaches Journo To Taste Scotch With $50,000 Bottle

    The sad part of this story is that the journo in question is not me. A few years ago, Master Scotch Blender Richard Paterson taught Vancouver Broadcast Anchor Sophie Lui how to taste scotch, topping off his five-minute presentation with a vial of $50,000 scotch. The entire clip is an education, but ... More >>

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    August 13, 2013

    Young the Giant is "65-70 percent" Finished With Their Next Album

    Young the Giant was in a perilous situation before their 3:40 p.m. set this past Saturday at Outside Lands. Their early morning flight from Vancouver (where they played at the Squamish Valley Music Festival the night before) was delayed three hours and the probability of weaving their way through Sa ... More >>

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    July 1, 2013

    It's Canada Day! Here's Six Favorites From Our Neighbors Up North

    Pick up a hockey stick and pour maple syrup on something at your local Tim Horton's because today Canada turns 146 years young! Celebrating the enactment of their Constitution Act, Canadians coast to coast have the day off to reflect on their own Canadian-ness. Along with Wayne Gretzky, Cirque du So ... More >>

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    April 17, 2013

    Free Ticket Tuesday Wednesday: Japandroids at the Glass House

    There's plenty of room for celebration on Heard Mentality this week. With weekend one of Coachella under our belts, we're already scrubbing ourselves off and re-sharpening our focus as we prepare for another foray into the sweaty badlands of Indio. We've also dusted off the 'ol free ticket giveaway! ... More >>

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    November 29, 2012

    Birdie Bowl & Juicery Coming to OC Mart Mix

    We cover so much action at OC Mart Mix/SoCo Collection, it should have its own category. Surfas, luxe lonchera competitions, and the upcoming Arc are just some of what we've covered-- and that's just in the last month!So imagine our (feigned) surprise when we learned about more rumblings off Hyland ... More >>

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    October 25, 2012

    Who Invented The California Roll?

    For sushi novices, it's the gateway dish. The California roll can be found everywhere from grocery-store fresh-food aisles to cafeteria menus in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Typically packed with crab or imitation crab, avocado and cucumber, then rolled "inside out," the nonthreaten ... More >>

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    October 22, 2012

    Top Five Videos of People Eating Live Shrimp

    Did you read Michelle's post this morning on the Craigslist poster in Irvine who tried to give away a dish of shrimp because they didn't realize it included the heads? I have to assume it was those wee beady eyes. In a society where meat is often faceless, limbless, skinless and boneless, seeing the ... More >>

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    February 27, 2012

    Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention: Inside the World of Wank-Craft

    Most conventions are pants-mandatory kinds of affairs -- even those of the adult nature. For the world's first virtual porn convention, however, I'm not wearing any (relax...I'm in my PJs). This past weekend, XBiz and Red Light Center hosted the Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention, porn's first ... More >>

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    January 6, 2012

    Van Halen Announce Tour Dates: Staples Center on June 1, Honda Center June 12

    ​Van Halen finally announced their tour dates today, and it is massive. The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame inductees announced the dates at an intimate performance in New York's Café Wha?. The tour will begin on Feb. 18., with Kool & The Gang joining Van Halen for select tour dates. And as the ... More >>

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    December 6, 2011

    New Artists Just Added to SXSW's 2012 Lineup

    Mary Bell/OC WeeklyDelta Spirit at BuskerFest in Long Beach in 2010​South By Southwest revealed a whole slew of new acts confirmed to play at official showcases during the annual music and film conference in Austin. This is the third list of musicians to be released. The venues and dates they ... More >>

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    November 15, 2011

    Amanda Palmer Wraps Tour of Seven Occupy Sites, Teams Up With Boston Filmmaker To Create Occupy Homage Film

    ​After visiting Occupy sites in L.A., Oakland, Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, Boston and New York, Amanda Palmer has teamed up with Boston filmmaker and friend Michael Gill to create a video montage of images from the Occupy movement, backed with Palmer's ukulele version of Leon Rosselson's 1975 so ... More >>

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    September 30, 2011

    Dan Mangan: On History Lessons, Canada vs. America and Selling Out

    Jonathan Taggart​Dan Mangan, a Vancouver folk singer, is on the beginning stretch of his US tour, bringing with him a new album, Oh Fortune, and his now-permanent band members. Together, all three elements are moving Mangan's sound toward something larger, what he calls, "a very important step." Y ... More >>

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    August 4, 2011

    Kanye West and Jay-Z Confirm New North American Dates for Watch the Throne Tour

    ​As we reported earlier, Jay-Z and Kanye West have new dates for the Watch The Throne Tour due to the "overwhelming response to presale tickets." The North American tour will now begin on Saturday, Oct. 29 in Atlanta, Georgia at the Philips Arena. All fans who purchase their tickets online will r ... More >>

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    August 3, 2011

    Young the Giant Performing at the VMAs

    ​Young the Giant are the home boys that sneakily made good--Morrissey loves them, they've played the Weenie Roast, are opening for Incubus on tour this year...and today MTV announced that Young the Giant will make their VMA performance debut at the 2011 Video Music Awards. The lineup for VMA perf ... More >>

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    August 1, 2011

    Crytal Antlers to Tour with Wu Lyf

    Mary Bell​We've been loving Crystal Antlers' sophomore set Two-Way Mirror, to death (read all about it here), so we're excited to hear that the Long Beach band is touring with Wu Lyf this fall. (Incidentally, Ikey Owens of Free Moral Agents produced the album.) Jonny Bell, chimney sweep by ... More >>

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    July 12, 2011

    Canadians About to Make their Nation's Batch of 2 Million KFC Double Downs Extinct

    ​In further proof that our neighbors to the North really just want to be Americans with better hockey teams (Vancouver and Toronto notwithstanding, although the former did have those silly hockey riots) comes news that Canadians have consumed nearly two million of KFC's infamous Double Down sandwi ... More >>

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    June 23, 2011

    Adele Announces Rescheduled North American Tour Dates

    ​Hurrah! Hurrah! Today Adele announced her rescheduled North American tour dates on her website. A few days ago she posted a note to her fans saying the decision to cancel the tour "was a devastating decision to make, but i really had no choice. i had to give my voice 2 weeks rest or risk permane ... More >>

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    July 8, 2010

    Teen Daze Coming To Irvine; To Celebrate, Download Free Songs!​I hate Internet hype. Mostly because it will take a band like Vancouver residents Teen Daze and blog about it to eternity and give it labels like the "chillest band on earth" or "chillwave geniuses" or "Mysterious Canadians." But I do find it amazing that secretive electro ... More >>

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    June 22, 2010

    You Say Party! We Say Die! Shorten Name After Drummer's Death​The band formerly known as You Say Party! We Say Die! has had a rough 2010 so far, but they're ready to move forward. The band's drummer Devon Clifford died last April after collapsing during one of the group's performances in Vancouver. According to Clifford's ... More >>

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    June 16, 2010

    Love It Or Hate It? Six Qualities Of The NorCal Music Fest​I've been to music festivals in Southern California, in the Midwest, Northern California and the East Coast, but I had an epiphany at the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa (about an hour north of San Francisco) last weekend. There, I realized that for some reason, NorCal mu ... More >>

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    June 2, 2010

    Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell and More Softcore Vancouver Man-on-Man Action

    ​Here, local brawler Quinton "Rampage" Jackson talks about his movie acting experience in Vancouver on The A-Team being "kind of gay," comparing the western Canadian metropolis to rainbow flag-flying San Francisco and intimating the time he spent in the Great White North made him "soft" leading in ... More >>

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    April 5, 2010

    Jack Johnson Announces Tour Dates, 98 Percent of Orange County Celebrates

    Christopher VictorioJack Johnson, wearing a Save Trestles T-shirt, performing at the Irvine Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on August 29, 2008.​​Chief mellow music maker Jack Johnson has announced a new slew of tour dates for his upcoming To The Sea Tour, spanning from early July on the East Coast ... More >>

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    March 18, 2010


    Carpenter Center

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    February 19, 2010

    Gettin' Made: Winter Olympics Madness!

    Here we are, a week into the 2010 Winter Olympics. Keeping track of where we're at in the standings? There's a summary here. Keeping track of cute handmade goodies celebrating the games? We've got you covered there, too! I Heart Skating charm necklace by RJ Charms​ Join us after the jump fo ... More >>

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    October 19, 2009

    Got a Black Flag Tattoo?

    ​If the answer to that question is yes, then do you want to be in a book? Because if you do, you can. According to a Myspace bulletin posted by former Black Flag singer Ron Reyes, a book of people with the Black Flag bars is in the works. Here's what Reyes typed:"so I got a friend on Myspace who i ... More >>

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    October 9, 2009

    Wax On, Wax Off: Andrew Atkinson and Nolan Hall of Japanese Motors Talk About Recent Tour With the Horrors

    by Patrice JacksonFollowing their recent, rocking West Coast tour with The Horrors, local surfers Andrew Atkinson and Nolan Hall of Japanese Motors agreed to share with Wax On, Wax Off a bit about their trip. They just got back yesterday, and answered a few questions about their travels and th ... More >>

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    September 18, 2009

    Japanese Motors to Tour West Coast with the Horrors

    ​Costa Mesa's Japanese Motors are one of Orange County's most promising current bands, having toured all over the place with Modest Mouse and landed a spot on the Vice Records roster. UK garage act the Horrors have had one of the best 2009s of anyone, with their sophomore album Primary Colours end ... More >>

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    July 16, 2009
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    June 23, 2009

    Incoming: Sunny Day Real Estate

    If you call yourself emo and don't know Sunny Day Real Estate, then it's time to learn your history. The foursome -- singer/guitarist Jeremy Enigk, guitarist Dan Hoerner, bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith -- helped create the template for dudes with loud guitars to play music that sh ... More >>

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    July 27, 2008

    Last Night: International Pop Overthrow @ Fitzgerald’s

    International Pop Overthrow Festival at Fitzgerald’s on July 26 Better Than: Bingo night at the old folks home It’s hard to imagine that in a constant media barrage of the Avril Levines, Jonas Bothers, and Simple Plan’s of the world, the pop rock genre has anything to offer besides an endles ... More >>

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    June 5, 2008
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    October 4, 2007


    Radiation Records

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    September 20, 2007

    CD Review

    Cave Singers, Invitation Songs (Matador)

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    September 18, 2007

    "Death" takes to DVD

    One (or two, depending on how you look at it) of the highlights of the past Newport Beach Film Festival was the Death Note movies, the latest in a powerhouse franchise from Japan that began with comics, then spawned an anime series and many toys, and finally these live-action adaptations. Death Note ... More >>

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    May 31, 2007

    A Phoenix From the Ashes

    Pretty Girls Make Graves

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    April 19, 2007

    More Festival Reviews . . .

    What's playing at the Newport Beach Film Fest

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    January 4, 2007

    New Reviews

    Code Name: The Cleaner; Freedom Writers; Happily N'Ever After; Thr3e

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    February 23, 2006

    New Reviews

    Dirty, Doogal, Madea's Family Reunion, Running Scared, Taxi 9211

  • Film

    December 15, 2005

    New Film Reviews

    Cape of Good Hope, The Family Stone, Finding Home, Neil N' Nikki

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    September 1, 2005
  • Music

    August 18, 2005

    Black to Comm

    Black Mountain, obscured by clouds

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    June 23, 2005

    Inter-Arena Porn!

    And other ways to save the Mighty Ducks

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    November 25, 2004

    The Inmates are Running the Asylum

    Pink Mountaintops talk about sex, drug reform, and rock & roll

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    April 29, 2004

    Rest In Peace, Ray

    But Ronnie Van Zant spins in his grave

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    June 19, 2003
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    July 11, 2002
  • Music

    June 3, 1999

    No Go Emo

    Give Until Gone/Driving by Braille/Fallopia/Niner
    Koos Art Cafe
    Sunday, May 23

  • More >>