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    September 19, 2014

    Apple iPhone 6 Launch Draws a Crowd to South Coast Plaza Today ... But Some are Protesters

    On the eve of debuting the iPhone 6 in retail stores today, Apple announced that it will not unlock most iPhones for the government. But don't mistake those rallying outside the South Coast Plaza Apple Store this morning as pro-Apple freedom lovers. Actually, they are there to "educate customers abo ... More >>

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    February 14, 2013

    Dish Network Wins $6.4M Judgment Against Little Saigon Satellite Pirate

    A federal judge in Orange County has granted summary judgment to Dish Network and imposed a massive fine on a Little Saigon man who operated a satellite piracy business.U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna ruled this week that Tan Nguyen, the owner of several websites including and ... More >>

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    December 11, 2012

    U.S. Innovation, Chinese Start-Up Money and Death by China Mix at UC Irvine

    UC Irvine Economics Professor Peter Navarro famously authored with Greg Autry the book Death by China, which argues the People's Republic's "ruthless and corrupt" Communist government threatens global economic stability. (Navarro also appears prominently in the recent documentary based on and with t ... More >>

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    August 27, 2012

    Dish Network Continues To Chase Accused Little Saigon Satellite Access Code Pirate

    If Dish Network officials were wondering how much patience U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna can show to an accused Little Saigon satellite access code pirate, they got a better glimpse of the answer today: tons.For nearly five months, Tan Nguyen--the onetime owner of a 170,000 member website ... More >>

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    July 13, 2012

    Old Records Are Outselling New Ones for the First Time

    By Chris KornelisIn the two decades since Nielsen Soundscan started to keep track of U.S. album sales in 1991, the company has seen the industry fold in half, digital sales catch up to physical, and vinyl mount a resurgence. But until last week, they'd never seen old records outsell new ones. The f ... More >>

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    July 6, 2012

    Dish Network: Little Saigon Satellite Signal Pirate Destroyed Evidence in Federal Case

    The Little Saigon website owner accused of running an international satellite piracy operation now faces accusations that he destroyed thousands of records after a federal judge in Orange County ordered him to comply with Dish Network subpoenas.For a recent Moxley Confidential, Vietnamese immigrant& ... More >>

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    June 28, 2012

    Intel Inside UC Irvine

    Chip maker Intel says it is funding a $12.5 million research center at UC Irvine. The Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing apparently opened June 1, using existing facilities to apply social science and humanities to the design and analysis of digital information. Thus, our crude ... More >>

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    June 28, 2012

    Dish Network and a Federal Judge Are Dishing It Out

    [Moxley Confidential] Little Saigon's Tan Minh Nguyen heatedly pursued for alleged satellite-broadcasting piracy

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    June 28, 2012

    Dish Network Claims Little Saigon Man is Satellite TV Code Breaker

    Is a Little Saigon website owner a master code breaker guilty of stealing access to valuable commercial satellite TV broadcasts? That's the question in this week's Moxley Confidential.Dish Network is suing Westminster's Tan Minh Nguyen in federal court in Orange County and seeking hundreds of thousa ... More >>

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    March 5, 2012

    Beach Boys To Play Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre On June 3

    ​By popular demand, the Beach Boys have added a show to the 50th Anniversary tour at Irvine's Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre on June 3. Previously, the only area show was at the Hollywood Bowl on June 2, and that's sold out.

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    February 27, 2012

    Broadcom Says SEC Probing Its Accounting

    ​Irvine chip maker Broadcom, which has been no stranger to courtrooms thanks to shareholder lawsuits, complaints that caused one co-founder to step away as owner of his NHL team and a scandalous divorce involving the other co-founder and his love dungeon, may be back in legal hot water.The company ... More >>

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    November 9, 2011

    Gateway Inc. of Irvine Deemed No. 1 Epic Tech Failure of All-Time

    ​Gateway Inc., which was founded in 1985 in Sioux City, Iowa (thus the cow logo), was flying high by 1991, with some believing it was poised to become the biggest and most popular personal computer maker in the world. But after a dodgy retail store strategy, the dot-com bust and moves to North Sou ... More >>

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    July 28, 2011

    5 Things to Look Forward to After Harry Potter

    ​It is evident that few series (books or movies) will ever be able to achieve the popularity and esteem that the Harry Potter novels attained in the past years, and most certainly, none will be able to enchant readers quite like these novels did. But fret not, HP fans, after the jump are 5 Things ... More >>

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    June 20, 2011

    Kings of Leon Return to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in September

    Andrew Youssef/OC WeeklyKings of Leon at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater last year​Kings of Leon have confirmed a date at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater with Band of Horses opening. They must like Orange County, since they were just here last year. It's their first tour since their fifth album, ... More >>

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    March 24, 2011

    Billionaire Henrys, Nicholas and Samueli, Move to Settle Broadcom Shareholder Suits

    ​"The Henrys," as Henry T. Nicholas (right) and Henry Samueli are known, had their billionaire asses saved in 2009 when a federal judge accused the prosecution of misconduct and eventually dropped all charges against Broadcom's co-founders. The judge also disappeared the case against William Ruehl ... More >>

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    February 14, 2011

    Guess Who Paid for Study Advocating Free Prepaid Cell Phones for the Poor?

    ​A "first of its kind" study by the New Millennium Research Council (NMRC) concludes $4 billion in income could be generated for the poor by simply giving such folks free prepaid cell phones."Subsidized Cell Phones Provide Significant Economic Gains for Poor and Near-Poor Americans" singles out ... More >>

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    December 31, 2010

    OC Man Gets Huge Cell Phone Bill

    T-Mobile's slogan: "Get more!"​We all know that cell phone companies are making a killing nowadays.But one Orange County man probably isn't happy that he was targeted to make T-Mobile's 2010 profit margin even larger.How much was his bill one month?

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    November 24, 2010

    Axl Rose Sues 'Guitar Hero'

    ​[via] Axl Rose is suing Activision Blizzard Inc, the owner of the hit video game Guitar Hero. The company, which is based both in Santa Monica and Irvine, is being sued for over $20 million dollars for fraud, breach of contract and unjust enrichment, among others claims.

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    October 22, 2010

    Giant Billboard Made of Cheese

    ​The country that brought you Wallace and Gromit and Monty Python's Cheese Shop skit is at it again. The world's first billboard made of cheese debuted today in London's Covent Garden. Created by food sculptor Prudence Strait, the billboard featuring Speedy Gonzales will be used in British TV comm ... More >>

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    August 19, 2010

    Dave Matthews Band

    Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

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    July 29, 2010


    The Coach House

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    April 6, 2010

    Dana Rohrabacher Wants Feds To Restrict Internet Companies

    Dana: consistently inconsistent​Dana Rohrabacher might just be the most consistent member of Congress--consistently inconsistent that is. The Huntington Beach politician--who likes to be called "a patriot" or a libertarian but not so much a Republican--is interested in writing a federal law that p ... More >>

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    January 11, 2010

    Placentia PD Declines to Oust Kogi Truck

    ​After a long Saturday spent trying to restore files to the in-laws' PC (incidentally, HP, there is a special place in Hell for you), I got home and decided I needed to get some fresh air. Since I like beer with my air, I headed up to Placentia to have a drink at the Bruery and discovered that the ... More >>

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    December 15, 2009

    DeVore and Fiorina Still Milking Barbara Boxer "Ma'am" Comment

    Don't call her ma'am, ma'am!​Associated Press reports termed-out Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine) and former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina, who are vying for the Republican nomination to face U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer in November, are still mining fund-raising gold from a video of ... More >>

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    December 15, 2009

    The Other Really Expensive Loafer Drops: Charges Against Henry T. Nicholas Dismissed

    Henry T. Nicholas​It was one of the most unusual dismissal of charges ever witnessed: Broadcom co-founder and Anaheim Ducks owner Henry T. Samueli was testifying in another executive's case in Santa Ana last week when U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney leaned over and said he was tossing out Sam ... More >>

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    October 12, 2009

    Judge Allows Scary-To-Parents HB Cell Tower Suit To Continue

    ​Back in April, we brought you a heartwarming tale of civic involvement, governmental responsiveness and corporate accountability that's just the kind of thing we all thought we'd see more of in Barack Obama's America 2.0.We're talking about the case of Huntington Beach's Harbour View Elementary S ... More >>

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    October 1, 2009

    Go Fest 2009

    Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

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    September 24, 2009

    Anaheim Ducks Owner, Broadcom Co-founder Samueli May Be Prison Bound Henry Samueli's next uniform may be an orange jumpsuit.The Anaheim Ducks owner, Irvine's Broadcom Corp. co-founder and UC Irvine Henry Samueli School of Engineering namesake may be prison bound. Orange County Register reports a federal court today dismissed an appeal ... More >>

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    September 10, 2009

    Dave Matthews Band; Switchfoot

    Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

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    June 24, 2009

    With Arms Wide Open (Again)

    A recently reunited Creed is performing Sept. 30 at Irvine's Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Insert your own joke here. The show was actually announced back in April, but now it's totally official and all that.Staind opens. Tickets go on sale Saturday, June 27, at 10 a.m. through Live Nation.

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    May 7, 2009

    Another Day, Another Cell Tower Rejected

    The proposed Woodbridge (Irvine) cell-tower mentioned in the opening to the cell-madness story in the latest Weekly has, unsurprisingly, been canned. As our story noted, residents were skeptical when T-Mobile presented its plan in an informational meeting on April 29 at the Woodbridge Village Associ ... More >>

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    April 14, 2009


    The recently reunited New Kids on the Block are coming to Irvine. The question is, are you ready?The group plays July 10 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater and tickets go on sale Saturday, which means interested parties should probably start lining up asap. Now, I could go on and take all sorts of che ... More >>

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    February 2, 2009

    Alleged Fraud Within Irvine City Limits Keeps SEC, Whistleblower Busy

    Two corporations doing business in Irvine that are the subjects of a noteworthy/notorious whistleblower's fraud investigations have now apparently drawn the attention of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.The SEC is reviewing whether James Peterson, CEO of Irvine-based defense industry comp ... More >>

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    January 16, 2009

    Telcom Critics Could Have Issues With Obama Pick

    A telecommunications executive today resigned from his director's seat at Newport Beach-based Mindspeed Technologies to work at the White House as Barack Obama's director of presidential personnel.Obama can thus expect heavy scrutiny from net-neutrality advocates fearful of Donald H. Gips' closeness ... More >>

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    January 15, 2009


    Change is NOW

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    December 1, 2008

    The See & Sprout Project

    If your shiny new camera has permanently replaced your dust-collecting old digital  point-and-shoots, consider donating them to a  good cause while simultaneously supporting the arts. Founded by Stacie Krajchir, along with tsunami orphans from Thailand, the See and Sprout Project is an int ... More >>

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    March 24, 2008

    XM Merges With Sirius

    Earlier today, the Justice Department approved Sirius Satellite Radio's proposed $4.59 billion (!) aquisition of satellite old-schooler XM Satellite Radio. This decision created one single US satellite radio provider. In response to questions fearing a monopoly, the Justice Dept. said " the combin ... More >>

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    January 10, 2008


    Blue Man Group

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    October 25, 2007

    CANCELED: Velvet Revolver in Irvine

    Friday's VR show at the Verizon Wireless (Irvine Meadows) Amphitheater has been canceled due to ongoing fire-related health concerns. The show, with Alice in Chains and Sparta, was to be band's final U.S. gig before stops in Japan and Australia. A Live Nation rep said the show has been *tentatively ... More >>

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    September 8, 2007

    Overheard in the Courthouse

    "But I thought the cops couldn't hear me talk on Nextel." --Twentysomething criminal defendant, who ridiculously believed police couldn't monitor his Nextel walkie-talkie "chirp" communications, to his annoyed lawyer in an Orange County courthouse hallway, Sept. 7, 2007.

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    May 25, 2007

    Dude, you're ruining your career

    Does anyone recognize "Chad" from his Alltel wireless' recent spate of lame serialized commercials? He plays this sort of blond self-important dickhead behind a kiosk in the mall. His rivals, a wimpy bag of nerds representing the other wireless carriers, are always conspiring to make him stop offeri ... More >>

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    March 7, 2007

    Squeezing Money from Corpses in Irvine

    That companies which use magical accounting practices to rewrite history to fatten the bank accounts of their executives would try to squeeze money from corpses isn't really too surprising, but it is still disgusting. And it's happening in Irvine. The Wall Street Journal reports that dozens of co ... More >>

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    December 28, 2006

    Indie Vs. Major: Who's Got the Flavor

    Urban music in 2006 was typified by what it wasnt as much as what it was

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    June 26, 2006

    Weirdest Thing EVER!

    We're flipping through this morning's Los Angeles Times, waiting for Who Killed the Electric Car? director Chris Paine to call. He does, and we have a nice chat, as he's still flying high from a well-received Los Angeles Film Festival screening two nights previous. After hanging up, we go to the Wee ... More >>

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    May 26, 2005
  • Culture

    November 25, 2004

    A Dichondras Dream

    Straight outta Texas, a robotic lawn mower is the future today

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    October 31, 2002
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    March 2, 2000

    Browser Beware

    Cookie monster may be following you

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    September 9, 1999

    No Dial Tone

    Trapped in cell-phone hell

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    July 1, 1999
  • More >>