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    December 27, 2006

    Funky President: Gerald Ford & James Brown

    In a strange way, it is perhaps somewhat fitting that James Brown and Gerald Ford died within a day of each other, since Brown and Ford had a unique bond. As Brian Koller notes in his ePinions review of the James Brown compilation CD Disc Four: Godfather of Soul (1972-1984), "James Brown was proba ... More >>

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    October 19, 2006

    Fun With Dick

    No. 8: Our borderline-deceitful presidential library should be a true landmark

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    September 25, 2006

    3 out of 4

    Over at Rising Hegemon, Attaturk notices a slight variation in the covers on this week's Newsweek. See if you can spot the difference. Yep. That's right. The editors of the international editions of Newsweek simply don't understand the tremendous importance of Annie Leibovitz reminiscing about he ... More >>

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    April 11, 2006

    Orange County hates Ronald Reagan

    What else is this battered old Spiro Agnew watch to conclude after the news that Murrieta Valley Unified School District is poised to open California's very first Ronald Reagan High School in 2009. Well, "poised to open" is actually conflating things a bit (just like a certain deceased president's ... More >>

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    March 17, 2006

    The Anaheim Example: How grammar will save baseball

    Last night, Anaheim was home to both The Happiest Place on Earth™ and a little corner of Mudville, where there is no joy, because last night in Anaheim, Team USA was eliminated from the World Baseball Classic. Mexico beat the major leaguers representing United States, 2-1. Only four teams now ... More >>

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    November 28, 2002
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    March 29, 2001

    Sex, Drugs and Narcissism

    The fifth annual Calleys

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    February 4, 1999

    Stand by Your, er, Dick

    Nixon apologist Taylor tries to exploit Clinton-impeachment frenzy