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    September 24, 2013

    10 Rappers Who Have Changed Their Names

    Rappers are often quick to change the names we've grown accustomed to. Religion and maturity usually account for the swap, but sometimes, like in Diddy's case, the change is completely unfounded. In many cases, however, the name change has happened before the artist has blown up. Here are 10 rappe ... More >>

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    April 25, 2013

    The Funniest Twitter Reviews of This Week's Major Album Releases

    Flowery, contemplative album reviews are nice, but when it comes to finding hilarious music criticism on the go, nothing tops Twitter. After all, when people only have 140 characters to spend, they tend to get right to the point. So we browsed through endless feeds to see what people are saying abou ... More >>

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    March 5, 2013

    Kadillak Kaz is Out of Jail, What's He Doing Now?

    After serving 128 days in jail on charges of car jacking and second degree robbery, the cell bars slid open unexpectedly for Santa Ana rapper Kadillak Kaz at 12:45 a.m. on Wednesday, February 20. Released into the cold early morning air and hitched a ride from his father who took him to stay with a ... More >>

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    December 10, 2012

    The Five Best Concerts in OC This Week

    Tuesday, December 11Food and MicsDetroit Bar The quantity of charitable donations around the country always spikes in December--all that holiday cheer really brings out the giver in most people. Detroit Bar, in association with Buford House, gets on the generosity wagon this week with a special Tu ... More >>

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    October 11, 2012

    Major Lazer

    The Observatory

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    August 30, 2012

    Pacific Festival: The Dunes Strips Down By the Sea

    See Also:*Josh Epstein of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. on Pacific Festival, His Favorite Housewife of Orange County* Pacific Festival: The Dunes Announced* Boys Noize Talks New Album, Working With Snoop Dogg and SkrillexThe standard model for a music festival these days is all about one-upsmanship. Each y ... More >>

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    April 18, 2012

    Tupac Hologram Going On Tour? Preview the Disney Haunted Mansion Stop

    Did you hear that Tupac Shakur's hologram is possibly going on tour? The image, which debuted at Coachella over the weekend, might go on the road with Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. The duo are currently "discussing logistics for a joint tour that would regularly feature the hologram."  Where will the ... More >>

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    January 9, 2012

    Coachella Lineup Announced!

    ​Hipsters of the world unite! After a long wait, the Coachella lineup has been announced. The festival, as promised, will span six days over two weekends in April (13-15, 20-22). As usual, the festival features an indie-friendly lineup; however, there are a couple of prominent names returning to t ... More >>

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    December 14, 2011

    Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa at the Wiltern Last Night

    Ryan Ritchie​Snoop Dogg and Wiz KhalifaWiltern December 13, 2011 To use a tired party cliche, if you remember the Snoop Dogg/Wiz Khalifa show last night at the Wiltern, you weren't there.I mean, seriously, was anyone not getting high? The answer is no.Wiz performed for about a half hour ... More >>

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    September 29, 2011

    Five Reasons We're Going to Miss the World Famous VIP Records in Long Beach, and Why You Should Try to Save It

    ​In mid-September, store owner Kelvin Anderson announced that the World Famous VIP Records in Long Beach announced the end of an era. He said that the store, which was made famous by Snoop Dogg and was considered a landmark of the famed West Coast rap sound in the '90s, will fold by the end of Oct ... More >>

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    September 20, 2011

    Snoop Dogg to Play TV Dad in a Sitcom: What Took Him So Long?

    ​ Snoop Dogg is reported to play a dad on a multi-camera family sitcom that's being developed by Don Reo (creator of My Wife and Kids and The John Larroquette Show), according to Deadline. The project has been set up at Warner Bros TV but hasn't been pitched to the networks, so it could be a whi ... More >>

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    June 27, 2011

    New Snoop Dogg Video Made on iPad App

    ​Pan Asian girl band Blush--til now relatively unknown--is creating a viral buzz, thanks to a song called "Undecided" with guest stylings from Snoop Dogg, and a video made entirely on the iPad Brushes app made by Taptrix. 

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    May 16, 2011

    Climate Scientists Turn to Making a Rap Video

    ​On the very serious issue of global warming, people in the United States are straight chillin', more so than in previous years. A Gallup poll last month revealed a 10 percent drop in the number of survey respondents in the U.S. who said that global warming was a "somewhat" or "very" serious t ... More >>

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    April 20, 2011

    Best Weed-Related Merch on Sale Today: Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Wavves and Nike

    ​ The Snoopermarket cashes in again! And why wouldn't you want this 420 bundle pack sold on Snoop Dogg's merch store? There's Snoop Dogg rolling paper with his face on it (and a "Happy 420" banner, a shirt and a poster. Here's a look at what everyone else is selling on this stoner holiday.

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    March 31, 2011

    LBC Remembers Nate Dogg

    [Mental Notes] Snoop, Warren G pay tribute in semiprivate affair

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    March 29, 2011

    Snoop Dogg's 'Doggumentary' Available at 7-11

    ​ Talk about making it easy for buyers: Snoop Dogg's latest, Doggumentary, is available at 7-11s in Los Angeles.

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    March 22, 2011

    Nate Dogg Funeral Service on Saturday; Snoop Announces Tribute Show on Same Day

    Elektra Records​Today, Nate Dogg's family announced that there will be a funeral service on Saturday at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal, the former Spruce Goose Dome adjacent to the Queen Mary. Pamela Hale-Burns, his sister, says the 10 a.m. Saturday service will be open to the publi ... More >>

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    January 18, 2011

    Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa Release 'That Good'

    ​Snoop Dogg just doesn't slow down these days. He and partner in crime Wiz Khalifa are back with another single. The new track, "That Good," is a love song to really great weed, which is a gigantic shock, we know. The video (directed by a man named "Dah Dah") is straight-up weed pornography, ... More >>

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    January 10, 2011

    Snoop Dogg Now a DJ?

    ​​​Snoop Dogg, one of the most celebrated hip-hop MC's of all time, manned the decks (well, really, Mac) at 300 Bowling Lane in Anaheim on Friday night. He was joined by Wiz Khalifa, the hot young MC from Pittsburgh, and they "lit up" the stage. Snoopaloop laid down the programmed beats, while ... More >>

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    December 13, 2010

    Christmas at the Snoopermarket: Five Best Items to Give From Snoop Dogg's Store

    Chad SengstockSnoop Dogg performing at the Grove of Anaheim on Nov. 19, 2008​If  you recall, it was Snoop Dogg's dream to have a chain of grocery stores called Snoopermarkets everywhere. In the meantime, he' has the Snoopermarket, an online store that sells more musician-like merch that you w ... More >>

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    December 10, 2010

    Watch Dr. Dre's Latest: 'Kush' ft. Snoop Dogg, Akon

    ​It's interesting how this video gives you a feeling of stillness within chaos; "Kush" looks like its shot in downtown LA, at a party scene at the Mayan. There are the mandatory endorsement scenes (HP laptops, Ciroc vodka), but it doesn't seem as in your face as  usual. Throughout the video, ... More >>

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    December 9, 2010

    Hit the Eastside of the LBC

    Snoop Dogg's Long Beach hits close to home

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    November 30, 2010

    With So Much Drama in the LBC: Snoop Dogg's Long Beach

    Illustration by Luke McGarrySnoop Dogg's LBC​Snoop Dogg's 11th studio album, Doggumentary Music, is due out in March 2011, so-called because, as he said in a statement, "this is my life and I want to share my music, and my process of making it, with the fans."(Speaking of sharing music, Snoop Dogg ... More >>

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    October 29, 2010

    Snoop Does a Public Service Annoucement for Prop. 19

    John Gilhooley./OC Weekly​Yesterday Matt Coker wrote about Snoop Dogg endorsing Prop. 19 on KTLA Morning News Today.  We all knew he was "high on that" already--now watch Snoop Dogg's public service announcement after the jump.

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    August 23, 2010

    Rock the Bells Festival at NOS Over the Weekend

    Doug Neill/OC WeeklySnoop Dogg​Check out our Rock the Bells slideshow here!Rock the Bells Festival August 21, 2010 NOS Event Center Scorching heat, swarming crowds, parking gridlock, inefficient management, and borderline incompetent staffing didn't stop Southern California from "rocking th ... More >>

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    August 5, 2010

    Pot Tax Weighed in City That Spawned the World's Cannambassador Snoop Dogg

    ​On the same November ballot that will have Californians decide whether to legalize marijuana, Long Beach voters will decide whether the city that spawned Snoop Dogg should tax recreational marijuana.That's right, not medical cannabis but recreational pot, the kind consumed by the pride of LBC and ... More >>

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    June 18, 2010

    Pre-Power House Laughs: The Best Of Snoop Dogg and Nardwuar

    ​For those going to Power House at the Honda Center in Anaheim this weekend, being in the smoke-filled presence of Snoop Dogg was probably the prime incentive for you to drop your hard-earned cash on your ticket. But how much do you really know about Snoopy D-O double G? You're about to ... More >>

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    April 14, 2010

    Why is Snoop Dogg Wearing a Red Bandanna?

    This and many other questions from fans brought about by Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi's new video for "That Tree." (You know. Treeeeees.)Well, actually... We think we have a theory on that red bandanna.

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    February 2, 2010

    Today in Music News: 'We Are the World,' Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Tom Waits

    Lil Wayne (who "humbly noted that he recorded the solo originally sung by Bob Dylan"), Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Barbra Streisand among 80-plus musicians who participated in "We are the World" remake for Haiti. Interesting New York Times piece on Taylor Swift: "Big Win Means Innocence L ... More >>

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    January 21, 2010

    Snoop Dogg

    Galaxy Concert Theatre

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    January 7, 2010

    Show Announcement: Snoop Dogg to play Galaxy Concert Theater, Santa Ana

    No one in the history of hip-hop has so successfully transformed himself from a feared gangsta to a family-friendly pitchman. Sure, Snoop Dogg probably couldn't scare my grandmother these days but his distinctive, melodic flow still sounds fresh and songs like "Gin and Juice,""What's My Name?" and h ... More >>

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    December 28, 2009

    Today in Music News: Pussycat Dolls, Snoop Dogg, Trent Reznor, Tom Waits, Vic Chesnutt

    Pussycat Dolls wooing Snoop Dogg again for new album; wanna bring in Fergie, too."Retired" Trent Reznor promises new Nine Inch Nails material for 2010.New Tom Waits album? "We may record in the spring," he tells Los Angles Times. Heard Mentality post from Saturday on Vic Chesnutt's sad, untimely ... More >>

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    December 10, 2009

    AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

    Long Beach Convention Center

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    December 4, 2009

    Today in Music News: Silversun Pickups on Grammy nom, Snoop Dogg to collab with Kid Cudi, Chris Brown is still a dick, Weezer song that sucks

    Silver Lake's Silversun Pickups 'astonished' about Grammy nomination.Snoop Dogg--our pick for busiest veteran rapper--to appear on new Kid Cudi album.Chris Brown claims Rihanna knows he's sorry--but he's still a dick in our book. Weezer's "Heart Songs" ranks No. 25 on Village Voice's excellently s ... More >>

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    November 19, 2009

    Slideshow: Snoop Dogg and DJ Quik at the Grove of Anaheim

    Chad Sengstock​ Just a few miles from his hometown of Long Beach, Snoop Dogg and DJ Quik made a stop at the Grove of Anaheim last night--believe us, we're still coughing from all the pot smoke we were enveloped in. Not that we're complaining. Check out all the photos by Chad Sengstock right here.

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    November 12, 2009

    Snoop Dogg

    The Grove of Anaheim

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    June 17, 2009

    Cheap lawn tickets on sale today

    Concert promoters LiveNation are offering a pretty good deal for upcoming shows at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (and other venues across the country that, if you are reading the OC Weekly, you probably don't care that much about). The catch is, it's good only today.Anyone who buys lawn tickets ... More >>

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    April 27, 2009

    Incoming: Snoop Dogg, Slightly Stoopid and Stephen Marley at Verizon in July

    Conventional wisdom says that smoking pot makes you lazy, but here comes Snoop Dogg, back up in our area this coming July, just a little more than six months after his day-after-Christmas 2008 Glass House show. (That our Ryan Ritchie reviewed here.) The industrious young(ish) man will be coming to V ... More >>

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    December 27, 2008

    Last Night: Snoop Dogg, Warren G, The Twins at the Glass House

    BY RYAN RITCHIELast Night: Snoop Dogg at the Glass House in Pomona, Dec. 26, 2008.Wanna know if you're old? Go see Snoop Dogg and ask yourself which category of fans you fall in to. You're either in a) the group of shaggy-haired teenagers who wouldn't mind if he played "Sensual Seduction" twice, or ... More >>

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    December 25, 2008
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    December 11, 2008

    Musical Advent Calendar: Snoop Doggy Dogg, et al, 'Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto'

    Death Row Records--co-founded by Dr. Dre and Suge Knight in 1991--was, of course, incredibly influential in the world of west coast rap in the early '90s. And incredibly controversial.But not everything released on the label was quite as provocative as say, "Deep Cover." There was also 1996's Christ ... More >>

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    December 2, 2008

    Snoop Dogg, Of Montreal Coming to Glass House

    While other venues are taking it relatively easy during the holiday season, the Glass House has bravely continued to announce shizows, including Snoop Dogg, Warren G and The Twins on Dec. 26 (Boxing Day!)--tickets on sale noon Thursday, Dec. 4 for $50. Also on the docket: Of Montreal on Feb. 19 ($2 ... More >>

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    October 30, 2008
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    January 10, 2008


    In an interview with MTV, famed Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg shared a few of his New Year's resolutions with the kids. No, he's not talking about leaving his weapons and/or marijuana at home before he tries to board airplanes, and no, he's not promising to finally release a rap album that doesn't to ... More >>

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    November 28, 2007

    New Snoop!

    How mind-blowingly off the hook is Snoop Dogg? Bangin' you say? Supa dupa fly? Funktastically shalackin' even? No no, my friends. He's even more groovy than that. His new video for Sensual Seduction says it all:

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    September 20, 2007

    Snoop Dogg Pleads Guilty to OC Felony

    The Orange County District Attorney's office announced late this afternoon that rapper Snoop Dogg has pleaded guilty to knowingly carrying a dangerous weapon into John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana a year ago. The 35-year-old international celebrity, whose real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus, was se ... More >>

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    August 25, 2005

    Bo$$ Dogg

    Is Snoop selling out or just selling?

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    December 2, 2004
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    October 23, 2003

    Doggy Fizzle


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