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    April 23, 2012

    Ten Hot, Sweaty, Silly Coachella Dances, In GIF Form

    During Coachella's second weekend, temperatures topped 100 degrees every day. Yet somehow folks were dancing even crazy-er! Most just stripped down and let the sweat flow. Here are the ten funkiest, silliest Coachella dancers we saw, in GIF form! They inspired us to get down our own self.

  • Film

    November 16, 2006

    Dance of the Penguin

    That whole talking animal genre? Let's be done with it

  • Music

    August 3, 2006

    Stompin' at the Barclay

    Spaniards and Savion Glover do the New World Flamenco Fest

  • Culture

    November 3, 2005

    the Percussionist

    Tap dancer Savion Glover lays down the big beat