Quetzal Flores

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    June 4, 2014

    Top Five Left-Wing Love Jams

    Does that rabble-rousing agitator arouse flutters of the heart? Don't have the words to express that special kind of activist amor? Troubadours of discontent sound off on injustice but sometimes troublemakers need a little more. Sure, soul rebels like Bob Marley sang about plain ol' love with the be ... More >>

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    April 10, 2014

    Aloe Blacc Is the Man

    The Laguna Hills native gets ready to conquer Coachella with his unstoppable music

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    October 12, 2012

    Anti-Mall Returns to SanTana in the Spirit of Indigenous People's Day

    Last February, the annual LA activist event known as the "Anti-Mall: People B4 Profit Marketplace" made its SanTana debut at...where else but El Centro Cultural de Mexico! OC is being spoiled again as conscious vendors, artists, and organizations are setting up shop this weekend in counter-Columbus ... More >>

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    August 30, 2012

    Local Record Review: 'Son del Centro' by Son del Centro

    Son del CentroSon del Also:*Local Record Review: 'Visions of the Sun' by Cham Kerem*Local Record Review: 'However Strange' by Détective*Local Records Review: 'Four Steps in Corsets' by Yellow Red SparksTen years ago in the city of Santa Ana, a musical project ... More >>

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    April 4, 2012

    Learn the Art of Songwriting from Members of Quetzal this Saturday

    Having trouble finding those melodies to capture and transmit a definitive life experience? Constantly scratching out words on a piece of paper here and there on that rabble-rousing political anthem-to-be? No worries. This Saturday in SanTana, Martha González and Quetzal Flores of the East LA band ... More >>

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    March 22, 2012

    ¡Aparato! is calling all 'Aparatoid Audionauts' to Help Fund Debut Album

    ​¡Aparato! has made a name for itself by utilizing traditional Mexican instruments to help craft post-punk soundscapes netting two OCMA Best Latin nominations early on along the way. Now the band is hoping to take its rock music experiment into the studio and record a full-length debut album for ... More >>

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    February 9, 2012

    Another 'Anti-Mall' is Possible and It Happens Saturday in SanTana!

    ​For the past ten years, LA Chicano All-Stars (as we like to call them) have put together a community event known as the 'Anti-Mall' every December. The annual "People B4 Profit Marketplace" brings artists, musicians, craft and food vendors together in one place to celebrate conscious consuming a ... More >>

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    October 6, 2011

    Maya Jupiter Brings Latino Flavor From Down Under

    The underground MC from Sydney is a cultural melting pot unto herself.

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    July 7, 2011

    When East Los Meets Tokyo: Chicano Rap and Lowrider Culture in Japan

    ​ Earthquakes aren't the only thing that California and Japan have in common. For years Japanese youth have adopted and emulated lowrider culture and Chicano Rap as their own. This peculiar phenomenon attracted a promotional tour to Japan in 2006 by Always Running author Luis J. Rodriguez who brou ... More >>

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    November 30, 2006

    Zack Is Back

    And he's playing Mexican music?!

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    November 27, 2003

    Have Jarana, Will Travel

    Quetzal find success making money for others