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    October 17, 2013
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    October 11, 2013

    The Best Places to Drink in Orange County

    In honor of the recent release of our largest issue of the year, Best Of 2013, we present to you a handy guide to the places we deemed the best drinking establishments in Orange County. Best Sports Bar, Best Place to Get Drunk on Rum, Best Cougar's all here folks. Thank us now, curse us dur ... More >>

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    August 13, 2013

    Michael Bolton Breaks Down Some of His Most Epic Music Videos

    For decades now, Michael Bolton's undisputed commitment to his craft continues to earn him our undying respect as the White Lion of R&B. Long after the '90s, after shedding his long, golden mane, he's continued a multi-multi-multi-platinum career, churning out raspy soul with the kind of God-given s ... More >>

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    July 4, 2013
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    June 6, 2013

    Summer In the Dark

    Movie by movie, here's how to get the most out of this summer without having to cake on sunscreen

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    May 10, 2013

    Navy Grog at Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar, Our Drink of the Week!

    If you're an OC drunkard, you've no doubt already made your way to Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel, as fine a simulacrum of the era as anything Shag could ever envision. You already know about their fine drinks, about the speciality cups, about how the tiny spot goes boom whe ... More >>

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    May 2, 2013

    More Than Just the Rates at Disney Hotels in Anaheim May Be Scary Soon

    This is just an idea so far from Disney World in Florida, so who knows if it will ever come to be or ever come to be in Anaheim?The idea is to decorate resort hotel rooms like they are part of the Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean attractions or the Disney princess franchise.

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    July 11, 2012

    Now Your Car Can Smell Like a Disneyland Turkey Leg

    Ahhh, the familiar scents of Disneyland. The musty waters of Pirates of the Caribbean. The engine exhaust of Autopia. The sweat of bodies smushed together at the Haunted Mansion.  Don't you wish you could just bottle all it up and take it home? Now you can, sort of. Disney is introducing f ... More >>

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    May 4, 2012

    For the First Time in a Decade, Disneyland Opens Up Membership to Über-Exclusive Club 33

    For those who never thought they'd cross "Become a Club 33 member" off their bucket lists, there's now a glimmer of hope. Disneyland is finally opening up membership to the secretive, insanely exclusive club located in New Orleans Square near Pirates of the Caribbean. No new names have been tak ... More >>

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    April 18, 2012

    Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives Coming to Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

    What do Walt Disney and Ronald Reagan have in common?They both threw actors they felt to be communist sympathizers under the FBI's red-baiting bus!But Disney and Reagan have something else in common, too: starting in July, both men will have many of their personal items on display for all ... More >>

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    January 18, 2012

    Five Unique Artifacts from Disnyeland's Opening That Remain at the Park

    ​A lot has changed at Disneyland since the park first opened in 1955. Over the nearly six decades that have passed since its debut, many things at the Happiest Place on Earth have either been lost over time or met with a wrecking ball during one of the park's many expansions and refurbishments.Aft ... More >>

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    January 10, 2012

    Disney to Release Matterhorn Movie

    Disneyland's Matterhorn Bobsleds is about to get the same silver screen treatment that Disney has given to Pirates of the Caribbean, Country Bear Jamboree, and Haunted Mansion.That's right: They're turning another ride it into a feature-length movie (with the hopes of it becoming a franchise, of cou ... More >>

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    November 10, 2011

    Five Things Disneyland Has Over Disney World

    ​When Walt Disney World opened its gates in Florida in 1971, Disneyland started taking the proverbial backseat to its younger (and much larger) sibling.Disneyland was just a theme park. Disney World was a destination.Of course, since then Disneyland has made great strides in making its resort a va ... More >>

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    November 3, 2011

    Disneyland Rings in the Holidays on November 14

    ​Halloween Time may officially be over at Disneyland (other than the Haunted Mansion's The Nightmare Before Christmas makeover that runs through the rest of the year), but all of the pumpkins will soon be replaced by tinsel when the park's holiday season officially bows on November 14.Learn what p ... More >>

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    September 15, 2011

    Five Refurbishments That Can Help 'The Haunted Mansion' (The Movie)

    ​Disneyland's seasonal The Nightmare Before Christmas overhaul of the Haunted Mansion is complete (the attraction reopens today after a 17-day closure), thus kicking off the park's Halloween-themed festivities.Of course, the official launch of the park's Halloween-ness is September 30th which is w ... More >>

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    September 9, 2011

    Mickey's Halloween Party Returns to Disneyland

    ​It's that time of year, folks, when Disney shuts down nearly every attraction you want to ride for touch-ups and refurbishment, and then closes the parks early on top of it.I was just in both parks on Tuesday and it seemed like every attraction in Disneyland was closed (Pirates of the Caribbean, ... More >>

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    August 16, 2011

    PHOTOS: A Four-Year-Old's First Time at Disneyland

    ​If you remember this post from last week, you'll recall that I was set to go on a full-day Disneyland adventure with a four-year-old boy named Anthony (and his family), who would be experiencing the park for his very first time.I'm proud to report that Anthony went, and Anthony conquered. Boy, di ... More >>

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    August 9, 2011

    Final D23 Expo Details Revealed: Sneak Peeks, Pixar Stamps, Screenings

    ​D23 is now just one week away and, oddly enough, I find myself getting excited. Of course, I am a Disnerd, but what I'm not a fan of is being stuffed into a room for hours on end with folks who go above and beyond being simple fans. Many D23 attendees will live Disney, much in the same way I live ... More >>

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    July 20, 2011

    OC's Top Five Most Dangerous Theme Park Rides

    ​Accidents happen, especially at America's theme parks, and Orange County's theme park triumvirate--Disneyland, California Adventure and Knott's Berry Farm--are no exceptions to the rule.Recently, the state completed investigations into 27 medical problems sustained by passengers riding OC theme p ... More >>

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    June 22, 2011

    Lost and Found: Disneyland's Treasures

    ​For nearly 60 years, tourists have traveled from all across the globe to visit Disneyland. And for just as many years, tourists have been leaving a lot of crap behind them before making their way back home.But if you lost it at Disneyland, odds are one of the park's numerous Cast Members have fou ... More >>

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    June 11, 2011

    E3 2011: Hands-off Impressions of New Kinect Hardware

    Peter Mai/OC Weekly​Unlike Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft's biggest focus this year is all about software--specifically, software to support the Kinect sensor that was released half a year ago. Although the peripheral sold a world-record amount of units since launch, the amount of games and applicat ... More >>

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    May 27, 2011

    Walt Disney's "Treasures" Returns to D23 this August

    ​The annual D23 Expo (or "Disney Expo" for all you non-Disnerds out there) returns to the Anaheim Convention Center this August.Since its debut in 2009, the three-day event has doubled in size, touting itself as "the ultimate Disney fan event that promises to bring the entire world of Disney under ... More >>

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    May 19, 2011

    Captain Jack Won't Die

    Searching for eternal life in the interminable 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

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    May 9, 2011

    What You Missed: Bats Day in the Fun Park, 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' World Premiere

    ​It was a Disneyland-filled weekend--starting last Friday, goths of all ages invaded the Happiest Place on Earth for the annual Bats Day in the Fun Park. There was a costumed wake, a "Black Market," and, of course, fun times at Disneyland Resort (and SPF). Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tid ... More >>

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    April 21, 2011

    Treasure Island

    Laguna Playhouse

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    February 24, 2011

    'Hyacinth Macaw' Is an Adolescent Episode of Theatrical Dementia

    Cal Rep stages experimental theater that should've never left the laboratory

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    October 29, 2010

    TGIF: We Can't Wait for Halloween Either, with Franki Doll and the Broken Toys, Dammit Janet, the HorrorPops and DJ Shadow

    ​Today, the big SoCal comic book show that isn't in San Diego-the Long Beach Comic Con-settles in at the convention center, with a performance that evening by Franki Doll and the Broken Toys. Our featured Locals Only artist this week, Franki Doll is clearly all about the frenetic exhibitionism and ... More >>

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    October 20, 2010

    UPDATED: Yes, the Cellar in Fullerton is Haunted. Seriously.

    However, I did not see this ghost girl.​UPDATED: Includes electronic voice phenomena (EVP) sound clip!  The Cellar hosted a paranormal investigation last night, just in time for Halloween, and it turns out the place really is haunted. Well, I'm convinced, anyway. The ghost hunt was led by Eri ... More >>

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    October 14, 2010

    Anaheim International Film Fest Opens With Hot Waifs, a Cool Video and a Windy Director

    ​The inaugural Anaheim International Film Festival opened Wednesday night at GardenWalk with five movie programs, a lauded UK director with a gift for gab, creepy Knott's Berry Farm Halloween Haunt extras, incredibly tall waifs gliding across the red carpet in incredibly high heels and a packed-in ... More >>

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    October 1, 2010

    Tweets From the Park!

    Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland​Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!gothmogg23: @danieltosh why are there so many hideously fat people at Disneyland? These rid ... More >>

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    August 20, 2010

    Tweets From the Park!

    ​Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent--and unbelievably racist--tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!JustSomeBlkGirl: Wow! Now the foreigners are trying to come in and switch Disneyland all u ... More >>

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    July 7, 2010

    10 Things You Did Not Know About Monkey Island

    With the recent re-release of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, long-time Monkey Island fans and gamers new to the series have a lot to look forward to. Older gamers that played the original games 20 years ago remembered its light-hearted humor and pop culture references, and those new to the seri ... More >>

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    May 27, 2010

    Paycheck 'Prince of Persia'

    Jake Gyllenhaal goes to the gym, but cannot beef up The Sands of Time

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    November 11, 2009

    Dishney: Disney-Related Twitter Accounts Worth Following!

    Flickr user Joe PennistonZazu disapproves of this tweeting nonsense.​ Believe it or not, Twitter can actually be used for more than finding out what your friends are eating for lunch or what color socks they're wearing today: There are entire accounts dedicated to just making life easier for you, ... More >>

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    June 19, 2008

    Yarrr We Done, Yet?

    Queen Anne's Revenge

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    June 22, 2006

    Summer Grub Guide

    Your guide to the best damn eats in OC

  • Food

    May 18, 2006

    Grub Guide

    Orange County's best damn dining guide

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    March 24, 2005
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    October 21, 2004
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    February 20, 2003

    Mickey the Mason

    Behind the door of Uncle Walts exclusive Club 33