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    April 6, 2009

    Death, Taxes and the FPPC

    Millionaire Richard J. O'Neill died, reportedly of natural causes, on April 6, but not before the government took its last piece of flesh from Orange County's monumental Democrat. The 85-year-old real estate developer who headed the California Democratic Party 30 years ago and was a major contribut ... More >>

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    March 3, 2009

    Read Curt Pringle's Lips: He'll Take New Taxpayer Dollars

    Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle has long been the golden boy among Orange County Republicans. He got elected to the party's Central Committee in 1986, and two years later became the GOP nominee for the Garden Grove area state Assembly seat. The party, under the leadership of then-Chairman Tom Fuentes ... More >>

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    December 18, 2006

    Life Imitates The Simpsons (Phil Angelides edition)

    Last night on The Simpsons there was a Harold Stassen joke. This morning in the Oakland Tribune there's a story titled "Angelides eyes another gubernatorial bid". Phil Angelides, the Democrat who lost to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in last month's election, announced Friday he plans to launch an inv ... More >>

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    December 14, 2006

    Crushed Bones and Coats with no Tails

    The final numbers for November's election are now posted on the Secretary of State's website, and according to the final tally, Gov. Schwarzenegger carried Orange County with 69.7% of the vote. Writing at California Progress Report, Frank D. Russo describes the gov's margin of victory in OC as "bon ... More >>

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    November 7, 2006

    Less than an hour until the polls close...

    ... and I'm soooooo confused. I was out of town last Thursday through Sunday, and when I returned there were 17 messages on my phone from the likes of Pete Wilson, Dick Ackerman, Hillary Clinton, someone yammering about Jessica's Law, the Nguyen running for an OC school board seat and his partner in ... More >>

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    November 3, 2006

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pumping Dollars

    In a state which has had as governor both Pete Wilson and Gray Davis, two men who could squeeze campaign contributions out of a stone, it would take a very special politician to set a new standard for money grubbing. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very special politician. A story from The Associated P ... More >>

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    November 2, 2006

    Not a 'Stiff,' Nor a 'Loser'

    WEB EXCLUSIVE! The OC Weeklys Statewide picks

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    October 29, 2006

    Eddie Rose on "The Good, the Bad & the Ugly"

    Eddie Rose writes: "In California this year, we have--with one notable exception--the WORST slate of candidates, including a man who can't pronounce the name of the state he claims to serve! Were it not for the importance of several ballot propositions, it probably wouldn't make much sense to go to ... More >>

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    October 26, 2006

    Commie Girl

    Where Everybody Knows My Name: Take that, Gustavo!

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    October 12, 2006

    Commie Girl

    Blame Baseball: While most Californians were watching the Dodgers, democracy died a little in HB

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    October 4, 2006

    The Distance Between Things

    Who knew Newton's laws of motion applied to flying politicians? Consider the case of President Bush, Governor Schwarzenegger, and Newton's third law, which states: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." President Bush flies into California to campaign for two Republican poli ... More >>

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    September 28, 2006

    Commie Girl

    Raise Less Corn, More Hell: We got your class warfare swingin

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    September 5, 2006

    Your Tax Dollars on the Campaign Trail

    Well, Arnold promised to be a different kind of governor when he ran for office back in the recall election, and he is. In some ways. In June, Governor Schwarzenegger's office put out a press release marking the 62nd anniversary of the D-Day invasion, and hailing the heroism of the US troops. Thi ... More >>

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    August 24, 2006

    The Short Shelf Life of Rev. Lou's Man

    What's a frothing-at-the-mouth preacher, who's been named one of the Top 10 Power Broker of the Religious Right and can squeeze more than $6 million a year out of the faithful (and/or gullible), got to do to get a public display of affection from the California Republican Party? If you know, you sh ... More >>

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    July 20, 2006

    Commie Girl

    California Coming Home: How I deducted my summer vacation

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    July 12, 2006

    Ahnuld Terminates Fair Elections

    Perhaps you've seen those commercials showing Phil Angelides walking backward--the same direction the Democrat nominee for governor wants to take the state, according to the folksy narrator. These, of course, are not to be confused with Angelides' response ads, which show someone who looks a lot lik ... More >>

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    June 20, 2006

    43 vs. 43

    On On Politics, the San Jose Mercury News' political news blog, Kate Folmar reports: An internal poll conducted by Democratic pollster Mark Mellman of The Mellman Group out of Washington, D.C. recently found that the governor's race was a dead heat, I'm told. Forty-three percent of respondents favor ... More >>

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    June 6, 2006

    How 'Bout a Hummer?

    Oh, why or why can they not bring back the open primary? If allowed today, we would have strolled into our (provisional) polling place with our GOP registration, crossed party lines to pick one of dem battling Dems, and sung just loud enough for the old lady in the next booth to hear: Goin' down wit ... More >>

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    June 1, 2006

    Is There an ECCO in Here?

    Interesting June 6 election endorsements from the Elections Committee of the County of Orange (ECCO), a political action committee aimed at mainstream (change to:) Democrat Party hacky gay lesbians Democrats: GOVERNOR Steve Westley (D) - endorsed Phil Angelides (D) - acceptable Arnold Schwarzenegg ... More >>

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    April 6, 2006

    Candidates Debate, Conga Lines Not Mentioned

    Yesterday afternoon's debate between Phil Angelides and Steve Westly on Univision's Voz y Voto (scheduled to air Saturday) "marked a sharp negative turn in the race", according to the Los Angeles Times. The rest of the media agrees– for example, the opening sentence of the San Francisco Chron ... More >>

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    March 30, 2006

    Good Grief!

    Curt Pringle, our biggest loser

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    March 17, 2006

    Change in the air?

    This is certainly a refreshing development, although the participation of a gubernatorial candidate smacks of political posturing. NEW REPORT ON COMPANIES IN CALIFORNIA, ELSEWHERE TO FIND WIDE DISPARITY IN CLIMATE CHANGE RESPONSES; INVESTORS WILL PUSH POOR-PERFORMING FIRMS TO SHAPE UP NEWS ADVISOR ... More >>

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    February 2, 2006

    Commie Girl

    Being Arnold Schwarzenegger: Steve Westly comes to town. Town nods politely, hides yawn

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    June 2, 2005

    Capitol Punishment

    How Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped worrying and learned to love selling out to special interests

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    April 28, 2005

    Blood on the Water

    And fire in the sky!

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    November 7, 2002