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    May 30, 2013
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    September 16, 2010

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Glass House Last Night

    Andrew Youssef/OC Weekly​Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubSeptember 15, 2010Glass HouseHaving played one of the better shows of the year at the House of Blues Anaheim back in March, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club returned to kick off the second leg of their tour behind their album Beat The Devil's Tattoo a ... More >>

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    September 9, 2010

    Done All Wrong

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club return to form on their latest album, as they deal with the death of Michael Been, the band's sound mixer and father of bassist Robert Been

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    July 19, 2010

    What You Missed: Opening Weekend of OC Fair, LA Calendar Motorcycle Show, Thrice, Giant Orange Festival

    Christopher Victorio​Well we got our wish: Summer weather finally arrived and you're also already probably tired of it. But this weekend the heat didn't stop us from getting out: We hit up the OC Fair's opening weekend and sampled the best--deep-fried butter, giant corn dogs, deep-fried chocolate- ... More >>

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    July 15, 2010
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    March 17, 2010

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, House of Blues Anaheim, 3/16

    Andrew YoussefPeter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubClick for slideshow.The Hype: After selling out three nights at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club visited the House of Blues Anaheim in support of their new album, Beat The Devil's Tattoo. Boasting such song titles as "Ri ... More >>

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    March 11, 2010
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    December 3, 2009

    Cycle World International Motorcycle Show

    Long Beach Convention Center

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    November 19, 2009

    Cops to Be Out in Force Throughout OC This Weekend, "Black Friday"

    ​Various Orange County communities are going to be crawling with extra cops this weekend as pre-Thanksgiving pushes are made to get drunks, druggies, the unlicensed and unsafe motorcyclists off the road and to ensure everyone is buckling up.R. Scott Moxley blogged earlier today about the Orange Co ... More >>

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    July 29, 2009

    Easy Writer Part 2: Gettin' Greasy

    ​Once you decide on the bike that suits you best, make sure it's in good mechanical shape by either going through it yourself if you're into working with your hands, or take it to a reputable motorcycle shop in the area. ... More >>

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    July 27, 2009

    Easy Writer: The Newbie Motorcyclist's Journey Begins

    ​Home for the summer with way too much free time on my hands after a long and miserable year at Chico State in Northern California, I quickly discovered that pretty much everyone I knew in Orange County had either moved away or moved on. I needed a hobby I could do by myself in my free time that i ... More >>

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    July 6, 2009

    Italian Woman on Vacation Convicted of Killing Motorcyclist

    Mussner: Sucks to be you.One of the worst vacation stories ever came to something of a close today when Marlies Mussner, a 24-year-old Italian woman, was convicted of vehicular manslaughter for killing a motorcyclist a few weeks ago.While cruising through Huntington Beach in the late afternoon of Ju ... More >>

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    June 7, 2008

    Last Night: Ink-N-Iron Festival at the Queen Mary

    Last Night: Ink-N-Iron Festival at the Queen Mary June 1st, 2008 Better Than: Getting a tattoo from a shady parlor. Download: The First Vietnamese War from their first album Passover. I thought I was in a hornet's nest when I heard the consistent buzz of tattoo needles as I walked into the Queen ... More >>

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    October 30, 2007

    Looking For Gay Clubs

    According to some of you out there (or at least one of you who rides a motorcycle) the Club Listings are lacking for those homosexually-inclined. These are the gay clubs/lounges that regularly run in the paper (when space allows): -Executive Suite -Stiff Tuesdays at Proof -Paradise -Lucky Sundays ... More >>

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    August 23, 2007

    Helmet Hair

    International Motorcycle Show

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    December 23, 2004

    Pop-Culture Pasha

    San Clementes Rin Tanaka makes our castoffs cool again

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    March 18, 2004
  • Music

    June 20, 2002

    Dare I Say Icon?

    Nancy Sinatra can walk all over me any time

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    February 7, 2002

    Not-So-Easy Rider

    May rode 6,500 miles to get you to look at his photos

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    December 28, 2000

    Eat Extreme Shit!

    Crusty Demons: Minimalism at its finest