McDonald's McRib Sandwich

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    July 31, 2013

    Burger King Japan Offers Garlic Meat Beast Burger

    I've said it many times, but I'll say it again: American fast food restaurants do their best work overseas. Burger King's Japan branch is especially creative and productive with not only an apple-topped burger but also a squid-ink colored burger as part of an enviable list of, um, accomplishments. W ... More >>

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    May 17, 2013

    This Week In Food: A Medieval Times Movie, Al Capone's Niece, and Bringin' Home the Banana Stand

    Whew, Mother's Day is over, and the rush for goodies and presents can die down until, well, whenever that paternal holiday is. Let's take a look at what the week after had to offer. . . . Edwin reviewed the South County chain Inka Mama's. Then he told us that Layer Cake Bakery is opening a second l ... More >>

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    May 15, 2013

    Burger King Introduces Its Own Version of The McRib

    The King will have an answer to The Clown's cult sandwich the McRib. Called the BK Rib Sandwich, it will have a similar boneless pork patty formed to look like it came from a rib, served with pickles, a tangy BBQ sauce and a sweet bread bun. The new sandwich will be rolled out with the rest of BK's ... More >>

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    January 4, 2013

    Four Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Chicken Stock, And How to Make It!

    Admittedly, we're well aware the title of this blog post couldn't be more boring. But, if you're not making stock at home yet, little do you know how exhilarating the quest for perfect stock can be. First, if you're still buying canned soup or chicken stock at the the store (and you h ... More >>

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    January 2, 2013

    McDonald's Invites McRibs Virgins To Tweet Pictures For Money

    McDonald's put out a tweet that invited McRib first-timers to post pictures of themselves popping their processed-pork-sandwich cherries for a chance to win $250.

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    December 5, 2012

    McDonald's Announces McRib To Return on December 17th

    Frankly, I haven't had a McRib in years. But the cult behind McDonald's BBQ pork sandwich were worried after a delay that postponed its return in October that the latter half of 2012 would be McRib-less.

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    October 10, 2012

    Starbucks Says There Is No Pumpkin Spice Latte Shortage; Confirms Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream Rumors

    To be honest, I had never heard of the Pumpkin Spice Latte until this year. And I've still not tasted what people are calling the "hipster's McRib". Then again, I don't have a Twitter account and I'm barely on Facebook. But apparently there was two pieces of Pumpkin Spice Latte news yesterday:  ... More >>

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    September 17, 2012

    McDonald's Delays McRib Launch This Year

    There are people out there who count the minutes until the McRib makes its triumphant return to McDonald's. These people know that Ronald usually rolls out the barbecue-slathered pork rib-shaped patty sandwiches around the October to November timeframe. 

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    May 4, 2012

    McDonald's Plan: Put Out More "Limited-Time Offers"

    Perhaps taking its cue from the success of the McRib and Shamrock Shakes, McDonald's has announced that its new strategy will involve more limited-time offers.Last year the Golden Arches offered a total of 8 limited-time specials including Asian Chicken Salad, Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, a ... More >>

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    March 6, 2012

    3hree Things: On Kate Upton's Carl's Jr. Commercial

    Watch out for 3hree Things every Tuesday, where Riley Breckenridge, drummer of Orange County's favorite local alt-rock band Thrice, gives his take on life in Southern California as an OC native. That's Carl's Jr.'s new commercial for Kate Upton's boobs the Southwest Patty Melt, an 890 calo ... More >>

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    February 9, 2012

    McDonald's Shamrock Shakes To Come Back...Everywhere

    ​For those who were let down by the recent introduction of Jack in the Box's bacon milkshake, which, ahem, doesn't contain any actual bacon, there's this news: McDonald's has announced that its Shamrock Shakes are now available at just about every McDonald's in the U.S.

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    January 10, 2012

    3hree Things: The Best of ... From 2011

    Watch out for 3hree Things every Tuesday, in which Riley Breckenridge, drummer of Orange County's favorite local alt-rock band Thrice, gives his take on life in Southern California as an OC native.​For the uninitiated, that tl;dr stands for "too long; didn't read", which is (unfortunately) th ... More >>

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    December 15, 2011

    Metalachi Love Boobs

    The Espinoza brothers blend metal, hair metal and mariachi

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    November 7, 2011

    Five Shitty Corporate Ripoffs of Regional Food Favorites

    ProfessorSalt.comWhat real bagels should look like​ You know what bugs me about chain restaurants? It's the way they co-opt the names of distant regional foods and market their shitty versions as the real thing to people in a different part of the world who don't know any different and grow up thi ... More >>

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    October 24, 2011

    8 Hilarious Tweets About The #McRib

    McDonald's has brought back the elusive McRib for a limited time only, and because we're disgusting, it's the biggest news story of the day. Here's what people have been saying on Twitter. 

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    December 30, 2010

    Grab Bag o' Goodies

    Nine great posts from our Stick a Fork In It blog you might've missed

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    November 30, 2010

    Todd Wilbur, Author of Top Secret Recipes Book Empire, Out With New Book--And From Orange County!

    ​I've seen various manifestations of the Top Secret Recipes book over the years, those collections that purport to crack the magic of chain-restaurant offerings like the McRib, HoneyBaked Ham's, um, honey-baked ham, and other national obsessions. Never bothered with the books, because I can't cook ... More >>

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    November 17, 2010

    Four Loko Loses Caffeine--and its Cool-Factor

    ​Four Loko is about to become as hip as Smirnoff Ice.  The popular caffeine-spiked alcoholic beverage, commonly known as "Blackout in a Can,"    has been deemed unsafe by the FDA. A warning letter was sent to Chicago-based Phusion Projects, which makes the stuff.

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    November 16, 2010

    3hree Things: Riley vs. The McRib

    Watch out for 3hree Things every Tuesday, where Riley Breckenridge, drummer of Orange County's favorite local alt-rock band Thrice, gives his take on life in Southern California as an OC native.The McRib is back and coincidentally, so is explosive diarrhea. I used to have a gullet of steel ... More >>

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    November 10, 2010

    Five Great Regional Burgers McDonald's Offers That They Should Offer Everywhere

    Flickr user fugutabetai syashin​If you spent your youth with the McRib, you're just happier than a hog in slop right now with the re-launch of that sandwich at every US McDonald's franchise. I admit it: I liked them as kid, but I've since learned about real barbecue, and welcomed the news with a s ... More >>

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    November 5, 2010

    This Week in Food: Rare Ramen, A Reason to Visit Rancho Santa Margarita, And Waiters Trying to Get Laid!

    Flickr user soundfromwayout​Some of the many highlights this week on this infernal blog after the jump, and including more than what the descriptive title promises!

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    November 1, 2010

    It's Baaaaaack. Again. Why Do People Love The McRib?

    ​Just do it. I know you want to. Shout it from the rooftops, tell it on the mountain. (Modern translation: Update your Facebook status.)The McRib is back.Starting tomorrow, the elusive sandwich returns to McDonald's locations nationwideand will stay until Dec. 5. (If you need your fix now, now, NO ... More >>

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    November 3, 2009

    On The Line: James Sar of Cambinos Asian BBQ

    ​ Of all the chefs and restauranteurs we've profiled on this blog feature, I can't say that I've met any of them in person. But I can say that I have had the pleasure of meeting James Sar of Cambinos Asian BBQ . If you eat at there, you will too. James will be the one taking your order and serv ... More >>

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    June 7, 2007

    The Return of the Drive-In

    The Star-Vu delivers the biggest screen for your buck