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    February 6, 2012

    Tracy Ramon Seward, President David Palmer Lookalike, Admits to Robbing, Hostage Taking

    ​A dead ringer for 24's President David Palmer in a dark suit and tie with a white collared shirt walked into a Lake Forest Payday Loan store around 9 a.m. on June 10, 2009, pulled out a loaded semi-automatic handgun and held it at the head of a 61-year-old customer. He ordered the teller to empty ... More >>

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    August 4, 2010

    The Arkells Want to Tan and Eat Salads in Orange County

    ​​Remember when Broken Social Scene and Feist and Metric and the New Pornographers  were all over the music blogs because they were awesome and also Canadian? Well, the days of glorifying our neighbors to the North for health care and cold weather are over, but the Arkells still do a p ... More >>

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    May 19, 2010

    Rainbow Harbor Terror Attack is Just a Drill

    ​If you swing by Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach today and notice an unusually large presence of law enforcement types running around like chickens with their heads cut off, you are witnessing neither an actual terror attack nor filming of pick-up scenes for Monday night's 24 finale.

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    June 9, 2009

    Crime Time: A Weekly Round-Up of OC Police Calls

    The "Clean-Cut Bandit": Coming to a bank near you?MONDAY, JUNE 1Shroomin' in Lagoonan: Laguna Beach Police arrested three people at a La Mirada Street property for alleged possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms, heroin, Xanax, Levitra, Alprazolam and "numerous other unknown pills." Steven Christophe ... More >>

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    May 18, 2009

    Congressman Campbell, The Excellent Blogger

    John CampbellIf you're able to stomach the bitchy bitching about Obama, Congressman John Cambpell's "laptop reports" to constituents are actually pretty good reads. Why? He has figured out what makes great bloggers great: gimmicks!This latest bend-over-backwards-to-be-clever narrative structure:Thre ... More >>

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    May 14, 2009
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    March 20, 2009

    Sandra, Say It Ain't So!

    The deep, angry, artificial breathing you hear in the distance?No, Jim Silva is chewing happily on apple sauce. It's not even James Earl Jones on the set of an upcoming Star Wars flick. It's Orange County's dark political lord Mike "Vader" Schroeder (pictured). At Gulfstream in Newport Beach. In bet ... More >>

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    September 6, 2007

    Fred Effing Willard!

    And other cool theater for the fall/winter season

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    July 19, 2007

    The Big Con

    Out of the basement and into the spotlight, Comic-Con 2007 is the place to be

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    March 29, 2007

    Bring the Pain

    TV torture isnt as tidy as you might have heard

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    March 15, 2007

    Powerfully Horrific

    Mercury Fur is a long, painfully rewarding vision

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    September 7, 2006

    Lost Cause

    TV is better than film, so why dont films based on TV shows work?

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    April 20, 2006

    New Reviews

    The Sentinel, Silent Hill, Standing Still

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    April 6, 2006

    Get Out!

    Wanking It Live
    April 6 - April 13

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    November 17, 2005

    When the Moon Is the Only Light We See

    Stand By Me 19 summers later