Isaac Mizrahi

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    March 18, 2010

    Target Hits the British Bull's-Eye

    [Trendzilla] Liberty of London is the latest trendy collection to appear at the non-evil big-box chain

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    July 22, 2008

    Because You're Ugly: Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe

    Diffusion lines have proven again and again to be the most lucrative for fashion designers. Marc Jacobs has his own collection but its the Marc by Marc Jacobs stuff, the $12 canvas tote bags and $20 costume jewelry that really rake it in. Vivienne Westwood recently did a line for Nine West here in t ... More >>

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    March 13, 2008
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    December 10, 2007

    Because You're Ugly: Party Dresses Under $60

    December is arguably the biggest month for parties with Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and what have you. For many of us (namely myself), spending an entire paycheck on a dress to wear only once, maybe twice, just isn't going to happen. Don't stress: here are some much more affordable op ... More >>

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    November 15, 2007

    A Million Little Peanuts?

    In David Michaelis’ new biography, Charles Schulz’s shell proves hard to crack

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    September 14, 2007

    Because You're Ugly: Isaac Mizrahi

    While he may or may not be the best talk show host on television, Isaac Mizrahi has been designing an exclusive, highly successful line for Target for years now—and like many other diffusion labels, such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, the more affordable also seems to be the most lucrative for Mizrahi. ... More >>

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    June 8, 2000

    What the Hell Happened?

    Inside the collapse of the Mossimo empire