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    November 16, 2010

    Los Aldeanos Concert in Miami Provokes Political Debate

    ​Cuban hip-hop was given an international profile 10 years ago by Orishas, the talented group  who made a name for themselves and the genre after releasing the album A Lo Cubano from their new home in France. Since then, the duo Los Aldeanos has been the rising recognizable face of the youth ... More >>

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    October 11, 2010

    'Fiasco Friday' Turns into Victory March as 'Lasers' Gets a Release Date!​A week before a legion of Lupe Fiasco loyalists planned to descend on Atlantic Records in protest, the rapper finally reached an agreement with his label on a release date for his third album, Lasers. The long-completed and long-awaited project from the Grammy-award winning rap ... More >>

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    August 23, 2010

    Rock the Bells Festival at NOS Over the Weekend

    Doug Neill/OC WeeklySnoop Dogg​Check out our Rock the Bells slideshow here!Rock the Bells Festival August 21, 2010 NOS Event Center Scorching heat, swarming crowds, parking gridlock, inefficient management, and borderline incompetent staffing didn't stop Southern California from "rocking th ... More >>

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    August 16, 2010

    Five Questions with the Rapper for Las Mujeres, Ms. Krazie

    ​When America Ochoa immigrated to the United States from her native Michoacan, Mexico, she, like many others, eventually settled in the Orange County city of Santa Ana. Before ever coming to the States, however, she developed an interest in music and awakened to the possibilities of Mexican ra ... More >>

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    July 27, 2010

    Record Review: Rick Ross, 'Teflon Don'

    ​Borrowing the nickname of iconic crime boss John Gotti, Rick Ross' newest effort employs an Escalade-full of gaudy, bone-rattling beats to remind us exactly how hard he's shining with his latest album, Teflon Don (out today on Def Jam).

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    July 22, 2010

    Where Is Lupe Fiasco's Lasers?​Critically acclaimed and Grammy-award winning rapper Lupe Fiasco awoke today to growing fan support demanding a release date from Atlantic Records for his completed album "Lasers." The album, whose title is a backronym for "Love Always Shines, Everyone Remember 2 Smile, ... More >>

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    June 21, 2010

    Over The Weekend: Powerhouse 2010 at the Honda Center

    ​Fueled by sets from hip-hop's biggest money makers, Power House 2010--presented by Power 106 FM-- delivered a massive, beer-soaked night club radiating with radio gloss, left-field surprises, Laker pride and a touch of 90s nostalgia. Drawing crowds that nearly sold out Anaheim's Honda Center on S ... More >>

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    June 8, 2010

    Rock The Bells: Lauryn Hill and Snoop Dogg, A Tribe Called Quest Added To Lineup

    ​[via MTV] Why, Urb Was Right After All: When they announced that Lauryn Hill was going to be performing The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill in its entirety last month, then were proven wrong when the lineup was announced and there was no Fugees lead singer in sight.  Instead, only Wu-Tang ... More >>

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    June 7, 2010

    Crunkmeister Lil' Jon Deejays At Sutra Lounge​Ghetto rap auteur Lil' Jon is holding his CD release party at Sutra Lounge tonight for his new album Crunk Rock. He's performing a live DJ set--no electric guitar crossover, unfortunately--but you will be able to herald the coming of his album with him at midnight.

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    May 25, 2010

    Rock The Bells 2010: No Lauryn Hill, But Guess Who's Performing?​Yesterday, called it: Lauryn Hill would be performing The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill in its entirety at Guerilla Union's veritable hip-hop fest, Rock the Bells. When the lineup was announced at the Key Club in Hollywood last night, Rock the Bells announced  ot ... More >>

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    May 21, 2010

    Last Night: Reflection Eternal at the Grove of Anaheim

    Nate Jackson​The Hype: Any time revered MC/producer duo Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek get together (which is usually most of the time), you better believe there's an audience of knowledge-hungry hip hop heads waiting to devour every last track they put out. It had been a decade s ... More >>

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    May 18, 2010

    Interview: Reflection Eternal's DJ Hi-Tek

    ​Reflection Eternal, the hip-hop duo composed of rapper Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek, are back on the road. Late last year, they released a mixtape, The RE: Union. Their second album, Revolutions Per Minute, is out today. Midnight Hour ft. Estelle, In This World, Strangers ft. Bun B, Just Begun ft. ... More >>

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    May 10, 2010

    Over the Weekend: E-40 at the Grove of Anaheim

    Nate Jackson​The Hype: Local hyphy heads were bound to show up in full force at the Grove on Saturday night to catch Vallejo-born hip-hop legend E-40 ( a.k.a."40-Water") deliver a fresh batch of club banging street tales from his new double album Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift/ Night Shift. Aside f ... More >>

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    April 26, 2010

    Boo Tang! (Or, Wack Shit That Went On at the GZA Show)

    Most of the time, when you want to see an artist, you buy a ticket, drink a few beers, wait for an hour or so, see a performance (sometimes mediocre, sometimes stellar). Other times, you find out that waiting for the artist to go on for four hours is way more entertaining than actually watching the ... More >>

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    April 22, 2010


    Detroit Bar

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    March 5, 2010

    GZA of Wu-Tang Clan to Perform at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa

    Rapper supreme GZA headed to Detroit BarWu-Tang founding member GZA, aka, the Genius, easily ranks among the greatest hip-hop lyricist of all time. He's a rapper's rapper, delivering erudite--yet street approved--rhymes that never dip into cliche or gimmickry. His flow is melodic and assured, making ... More >>

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    March 4, 2010

    Lil Wayne to be Sentenced Monday (?), His Video with Eminem Scheduled for March 11; Guru Recovering, Danger Mouse Album Ready for Release

    "I am doing fine and I am recovering! I'm weak though," rapper Guru, who went into a coma after suffering heart attack over the weekend, tells Mouse (Brian Burton) and EMI reach agreement to officially release the heavily leaked Dark Night of the Soul album due out last May.  ... More >>

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    February 19, 2010

    Ticketmaster Is Evil, The Wu-Massacre, Vampire Weekend Vid, Allman Brothers Box

    Ticketmaster "sold concert tickets that it didn't have in hand, the Federal Trade Commission says," reports Los Angeles Times. There's a special place in hell that not even Dante could fathom for Irving Azoff, the goat fucker responsible for everything from the Eagles to New Kids on the Block to the ... More >>

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    December 18, 2009

    Monday: Madlib and Special Guests at Commonwealth Lounge, Fullerton

    ​The realm of underground hip-hop is full of innovators, insane rhyme slangers and true architects of boom-bap artistry. But at what point does one move from innovator to "hip-hop genius"? For most avid backpack rap fans, that term has been and always will be synonymous with Madlib. Next week, t ... More >>

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    December 10, 2009
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    December 8, 2009

    Release the Sounds: Snoop Dogg, 'Malice n Wonderland'

    ​What's to say about Long Beach native Snoop Dogg that hasn't been said already? The last decade has afforded him the kind of mega-watt celebrity that seemed unreachable even when he reigned as California's favorite, fresh-off-the-block, gangsta rapper in the '90s. While his ever-expanding popu ... More >>

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    November 17, 2009

    Release the Sounds: 50 Cent, 'Before I Self-Destruct'

    ​The cover of this album kinda says it all. 50 Cent's empire is crumbling. Some would say it's been a long process beginning around about 2007. You can almost time it with the public's growing disinterest in the record industry's profits.  Since the less-than-stellar release of his last album ... More >>

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    October 8, 2009

    The Streets

    The Glass House

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    October 8, 2009


    House of Blues

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    October 7, 2009

    Five Regrettable Music/Video Game Moments

    ​Motörhead are currently on tour (including a stop at the House of Blues in Anaheim), they also play a role in upcoming action/adventure game Brütal Legend, out next week on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 (we got a chance to play it at Comic-Con this year, it's a fun, straight-forward beat 'em up wi ... More >>

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    September 17, 2009

    Travis Barker: More Hip Hop than Hip Hop

    ​Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has had plenty of side gigs over the years. Box Car Racer and 44 both featured other Blink members, while a duo called TRV$DJAM included his friend Adam Goldstein. Known as DJ AM, Goldstein, of course, was with Barker in a Learjet crash that killed four people in ... More >>

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    September 17, 2009

    Black Keys Hip Hop Project: Good Thing or Great Thing?

    James Carney​We may be a day or so behind on this one, but in a quest to find some ever-elusive liner note credits for Black Key's Thickfreakness album, we stumbled onto something a hundred times better. Up until now, things were staying pretty quiet on the whole "rap-rock" front, at least for the ... More >>

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    September 11, 2009

    TONIGHT: Too $hort at The Grove of Anaheim

    ​The canon of west coast hip hop legends holds a special place for Todd Shaw, better known as Too $hort, even better known as Bay Area hip hop's oldest mac. With almost 30 years in the rap game, his relaxed brand of raunchy realism could be recognized anywhere. 17 albums, 3 gold records, 5 platinu ... More >>

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    September 8, 2009

    Release the Sounds: Only Built for Cuban Linx Pt. II by Raekwon the Chef

    ​In most cases, waiting 14 years to release a sequel to a legendary album would be considered waiting, uh, too long. But in the case of Raekwon the Chef  (of the Wu-Tang Clan), the choice to wait almost decade and a half to serve us a follow up to his landmark album Only Built for Cuban Linx ... More >>

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    August 27, 2009
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    August 20, 2009
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    August 14, 2009

    Top Five Little Known Facts About Soulja Boy

    ​I interviewed Soulja Boy (who I'll just go ahead and call by his real name DeAndre Way) recently, and it was pretty wild. The Atlanta-based, teen millionaire rapper wore his colossal, eponymous pendant--which he says contains a hundred Gs of diamonds--and bragged about how all the big names in hi ... More >>

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    August 13, 2009
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    August 9, 2009

    Last Night: Powerhouse at Honda Center

    ​Last Night: Powerhouse 2009 at the Honda Center featuring Jay-Z, Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, Lil' John, Flo Rida, Sean Paul, LMFAO, Kid Cudi, Far East Movement, New Boyz and Ya Boy.Better Than: A long, shitty drive to San Manuel Casino.Download: Pssh, like you really need ME to tell you what to dow ... More >>

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    July 16, 2009

    Jimmy Fallon: Savior of Hip Hop?

      For some reason, when ?uestlove announced in November that The Roots would cease touring and become the house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, there was minor outrage. "Black Thought opening for Jimmy Fallon every night is the cultural equivalent of Miles Davis playing his horn on the ... More >>

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    July 15, 2009

    Outgoing: Sleepy Brown at Galaxy Theatre Canceled

    In the latest chapter of the weird saga of the Sleepy Brown show scheduled for this Friday at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana--the same show that rather dubiously advertised superstar duo Outkast (who haven't performed together in forever) as a supporting act, which was later confirmed to be "one me ... More >>

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    July 9, 2009
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    July 6, 2009

    Incoming: Jay-Z at Honda Center in Anaheim

    Take that, non-smoking laws!Jay-Z has recently declared Auto-Tune dead via his (kind of awesome) new single "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune);" possibly a weird sentiment given his close association to noted Auto-Tune proponent Kanye West, but hey, it's Hova, man. You can't tell that guy what to do. He d ... More >>

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    July 2, 2009

    TONIGHT: Jamie Foxx at the Grove of Anaheim

    Jamie Foxx, leave something for the rest of us. He can act, he can tell jokes, he can sing the hooks of smash-hit Kanye West tunes, and now he's got his own solo career going, too. His third studio album, Intuition (not to be confused with the Jewel song of the same name, not that anyone would), cam ... More >>

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    July 1, 2009

    Outkast Playing at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana?

    In the "things that make you go 'hmm'" department: the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana is advertising Outkast as performing at their venue on July 17. (Click on the flier to see a bigger version.) Hmm.Yes, the same Outkast that gave us "Ms. Jackson," "Hey Ya," "The Whole World," etc. etc. etc. The same ... More >>

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    June 12, 2009

    Incoming: The Pharcyde Coming to the Grove of Anaheim

    LA's The Pharcyde (pictured) have been inactive for most of this decade, their last studio album being 2004's Humboldt Beginnings. Yet if you haven't guessed already, they've reunited for a few recent shows--last year at the Rock the Bells Festival series in Chicago, earlier in 2009 at the Good Vibr ... More >>

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    June 4, 2009
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    May 14, 2009
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    April 30, 2009
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    April 19, 2009

    Live from Coachella: The Body Says No (plus, Okkervil River, Sebastien Tellier, Lupe Fiasco!)

    Hey, did you know it's hot here today? 98 degrees at last word. But it "feels" like, I dunno, a billion? Yep. Pretty awesome. Trying to summon my (in?)famous reserves of ENDLESS ENERGY, but not necessarily succeeding. The Cure are probably going to play like three hours today. That's pretty cool. Is ... More >>

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    March 26, 2009
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    March 14, 2009

    Last Night:"Quik's Groove" at The Grove

    Last Night: "Quik's Groove" featuring DJ Quik and um...some other people. Friday Mar. 13 at The Grove of AnaheimBetter Than: Getting a flat tire in a bad neighborhood.  Download: The new "Fuck Y'all" single by DJ QuikBetween the soft, melodic rise of string ensembles and the thumping energy of ... More >>

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    March 12, 2009
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    March 11, 2009

    Posthumous J Dilla record out in June

    A 25-track disc comprised of beats made by the late J Dilla is "dropping" (that's hip-hop for "being released") June 2 on Nature Sounds. Dilla was a much-heralded producer who gained fame in the late '80s with the group Slum Village. Many credit him for helping to place Detroit on the hip-hop map, b ... More >>

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    March 6, 2009

    Club Pick: GZA at Detroit Bar TONIGHT!!!

    There are some things that are hard to imagine. It's the kind of stunning news that you usually have to hear a couple of times before you actually believe it. When a flyer for a live performance by the GZA of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan appeared on the Detroit Bar website, you probably thought it had ... More >>

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