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    August 4, 2014

    Chris Fonseca is Rolling Into the Irvine Improv

    [Editor's Note: Quick Questions is our semi-regular feature where we ask comedians a ton of random questions without giving them time to think of anything funny to say. Surprisingly, they still do.] Chris Fonseca may be challenged in some ways but one thing he isn't doing is letting that slow him d ... More >>

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    August 29, 2013

    Gregory Thomas Salyer, Discharged Marine, Faces 8 Years for Drugs, Artillery in JWA Bags

    See Update No. 3 on Page 2 with the charges and possible punishment for Gregory Thomas Salyer. Update No. 2 has the Marines identifying him as a recently discharged corporal and gunner. Update No. 1 has officials describing the allegedly stolen military artillery devices the sheriff's department say ... More >>

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    September 14, 2011

    Low Pay for Airline Pilots "Threatens" the Country

    ‚ÄčA couple months ago, I almost blogged something that claimed regional airline pilots earn an average of $14,000 a year. Believing that to be a typo--pilots are rolling in it, right?--I moved on to something more important, like Octomom boxing an East Coast skank.However, the nonprofit investigati ... More >>

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    April 20, 2006

    'I've Had So Much Fun With Cops'

    NOT showing at NBFF: Pray for Me: The Jason Jessee Movie