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    May 1, 2009

    The Heat is Back on John Yoo

    Photo by Christopher VictorioYoo before his Chapman debate.The April 21 morning "terror memo" lawyer John Yoo appeared at the Chapman University debate, President Barack Obama said it would be up to his attorney general whether to prosecute former Bush administration advisors like Yoo. Since that da ... More >>

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    April 15, 2009

    Spain, Chapman University Debaters Are Out to Get John Yoo

    So the big question when John Yoo speaks at Chapman University next week about presidential power is: Will he be shackled? Probably not, seeing as how this is not Spain, but were Orange within the Iberian Peninsula nation and NATO ally, he'd be under criminal indictment for sanctioning torture at Gu ... More >>

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    August 4, 2005
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    September 27, 2001


    Bushs multibillion-dollar baby should have died Sept. 11