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    September 18, 2014

    The 10 Most Important Tacos in Taco History

    This week marks the beginning of Hispanic Latino Chicano Brown People Heritage Month, a time where corporations outdo each other in pandering for pesos. We here at the Weeklyare not immune to such cheap points--hell, we pander all year! So in the spirit of that, behold a listicle celebrating taco hi ... More >>

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    September 10, 2009
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    October 29, 2007

    Haunted Hotspots of Orange County (and Surrounding Cities!)

    ‚ÄčIn honor of Halloween the OC Weekly has compiled a list of haunted Orange County locations courtesy the database of haunted places on So take some time and have a read. Hey, even if you don't believe in ghosts, at least you can learn about some local legends. ANAHEIMAnaheim A ... More >>