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    October 1, 2010

    Gerardo Medina Hernandez Gets 14 Years for State Agency's Largest Heroin Bust

    ​Drug dealer Gerardo Medina Hernandez, 26, of Anaheim, has been sentenced to 14 years in state prison for stashing more than 90 pounds of black tar heroin in false compartments of a car in an Anaheim garage last year. The punishment was handed down Wednesday after Hernandez pleaded guilty to on ... More >>

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    August 13, 2010

    Possibly Pregnant Perpetrator Not Present in Prolific Mission Viejo Pot-Pad

    ​When a Mission Viejo resident returns to her single-story house on Via San Jose, she'll be missing much more than her monthly period.On Friday, Santa Ana police were called to a Rite Aid on South Bristol Street in Santa Ana to investigate the petty theft of a home pregnancy test by an unident ... More >>

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    April 7, 2009

    It's a Quick Read 27

    Orange County Register: Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement agents, Inglewood police and members of a multi-agency task force surveilling Gerardo Medina Hernandez say they watched him pull packages from two compartments built into the front wheel wells of his 2005 Volkswagen sport utility ve ... More >>

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    August 2, 2001

    My Conscience Is Killing Me

    A nurse says a prominent Newport Beach physician gave AIDS patients bogus drugs. The doctor says hes being blackmailed