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    August 29, 2014

    Boozy Behavior of John Wayne and Alexis Bellino Cited in Suit Against Balboa Bay Club

    I suppose what Steve George is trying to say in his lawsuit filed Thursday that alleges his lifetime membership from the Balboa Bay Club was wrongfully revoked is that because John Wayne, Alexis Bellino and other noteworthy folks engaged in boozy behavior that did not get them tossed from the tony p ... More >>

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    June 12, 2014

    Long Beach Lunch: Belmont Brewing Company

    The list of reasons why Belmont Brewing Company is the ultimate summertime lunch spot is a long one, but it starts with the incomparable waterfront view and ends with the award-winning house-made beer. In between is a thoughtful menu of beyond-brewpub eats, friendly local servers who have been aroun ... More >>

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    May 29, 2014

    Summer Movies Don't Have to Suck

    Flicks to look into on the edge of tomorrow—and the next months

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    September 13, 2013

    BBC News Visits Little Arabia to Take the Pulse of Syrian-Americans on Possible Strikes

    President Barack Obama addressed the nation on Tuesday regarding the ongoing crisis in Syria, placing blame squarely on Bashar al-Assad's regime for deadly August 21 chemical weapons attacks in a Damascus suburb. The president stopped short of saying air strikes were imminent, opting for the time be ... More >>

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    August 8, 2013



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    February 28, 2013

    Rhys Darby

    Irvine Improv

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    November 29, 2012

    The Way We Die Now

    Movie violence has never been better—or more reckless

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    December 14, 2011

    The US Army Can Make a Sandwich Stay Edible For Three Years

    ​The science of food preservation isn't the most appetizing topic, but in this case, it's pretty neat. We recently heard of a sandwich that can stay fresh and tasty for up to three years. Sure, it sounds gross, but this isn't the 137-day-old Happy Meal we're talking about. BBC reports that it ... More >>

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    September 21, 2011

    Radiohead Will Tour in 2012

    Andrew Youssef/OC Weekly​Thom Yorke has confirmed on BBC 1 that Radiohead will be touring in 2012. Speaking to BBC Radio 1's Giles Peterson, Yorke said: "The idea is to go out and play next year on and off during the year." The band announced two shows in New York yesterday, and have only played ... More >>

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    July 14, 2011

    'Pastafarian' Man Wins Right To Wear Colander On Head in Driver's License Photo

    Supernatural Waste WatchersNiko Alm in his religious headgear, a pasta strainer. ​He calls it a "religious head covering." It looks oddly like a pasta strainer.  After a three-year effort, Austrian man Niko Alm has finally earned the right to wear the symbolic Ikea kitchen tool on his he ... More >>

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    April 21, 2011

    'African Cats' Shows That Lions are People, Too

    Kings of the jungle get the 'March of the Penguins' treatment in this Disney flick

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    February 9, 2011

    World's Oldest Drinkable Beer to Return From the Dead

    Photo by Das UbergeekA selection of beers from Cistmontane--if the Big One ever hits, and we all go to kingdom come, will the next race of humanoids reconstitute their exquisite brews?​You know, you gotta love humanity and its pleasure/curiosity impulse. When British archeologists found pornograph ... More >>

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    February 8, 2011

    ¡Ask a Mexican! Responds to Top Gear Anti-Mexican Jokes!

    ​If I wasn't so enamored of covering Orange County--from the restaurants to the pedophile priests, skinheads, and Don Papi Pulido--I could easily live life as a professional Mexican, caring about nothing but what affects wabs. As it stands, I can only address national Mexi issues with my ¡Ask a M ... More >>

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    January 31, 2011

    Five Choices for OC/LA Album-Listening Party

    John Gilhooley/ OC WeeklyThe Adolescents​Over the weekend, we heard about a group of people in London who get together every month and listen to an entire album, uninterrupted, according to BBC. There is no talking or texting, not even when the record is turned over. Why would anyone do this? you ... More >>

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    September 30, 2010

    Five Episode Arcs for Trent Reznor's Upcoming Sci-Fi Show

    ​As reported earlier, Trent Reznor is adapting the Nine Inch Nails concept album Year Zero as a science fiction television show for HBO and BBC.Released in 2007, Year Zero was created by Trent and Co. as a rallying cry against both the Bush administration and the overall fucked-up state of the wor ... More >>

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    September 28, 2010

    Trent Reznor Developing Sci-Fi Epic With HBO and BBC

    Andrew Youssef/OC Weekly​According to the LA Times, Trent Reznor is working with HBO and BBC Worldwide Productions to develop "Year Zero," a sci-fi epic that NIN fans know well through Reznor's music and an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). He told the Times: "We are in [the development phase of] pre ... More >>

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    August 26, 2010
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    July 12, 2010

    Alexis Bellino of Real Housewives Offered Tips to Keep Her Kids From Drowning

    ​We told you here how The Real Housewives of Orange County reality spouse Alexis Bellino and her husband nearly lost their twin baby girls to the Balboa Bay Club pool Fourth of July weekend.The Bellinos and their kids grace the July cover of OC Parenting Magazine, and one hard-hitting question thr ... More >>

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    May 27, 2010

    Arcade Fire's Back: New Songs Album Release Date

    ​Our favorite tortured Canadians are back, finally. Yesterday, BBC's Radio 1 leaked two new songs from Arcade Fire. The band just released a double A-side 12″ single, and the BBC played both songs --"The Suburbs" and "Month of May"--twice on air. They do not disappoint, and I'm looking forward t ... More >>

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    December 8, 2009

    Today in Music News: Lady Gaga Meets Queen, Blink-182 Doc, Beatles Biopic, Rivers Cuomo OK

    Lady Gaga rocking a fabulously funky red outfit--with matching eye patches--bows, shakes hands with Queen Elizabeth II!The pride of Poway, blink-182, to receive the unauthorized doc treatment about the band's early years, which should include some OC footage, right? BBC to air latest Beatles biopi ... More >>

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    August 10, 2009

    "In the Loop": "Dr. Strangelove" for a New Generation

    Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) and Lt. Gen. George Miller (James Gandolfini) go toe-to-toe.​G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was the big winner at the weekend box office, but a much different war movie barely registered a blip. The savage political comedy from Britain In the Loop, which is in limited r ... More >>

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    April 29, 2009

    Hey CSULB Students, Don't Bother With the Surgi Masks, They're Useless!

    After essentially quarantining a CSULB student who has received a "probable positive test" (um, is it or isn't it?) for piggy flu, health officials on the Long Beach campus handed out surgical face masks to students on campus who have "been paranoid," according to a Press Telegram report. Only probl ... More >>

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    April 27, 2009

    "Risotter" and Other Roadkill Recipes

    In the interests of doing my bit to save the planet by recycling, I had to share this pure bit of British bonkersness with you.It's a clip from a BBC show called "I've Never Seen Star Wars", in which comedian Marcus Brigstocke invites well-known guests to try new experiences, which they then grade.I ... More >>

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    April 16, 2009
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    April 14, 2009

    Power of Laser Beam Attacks on Aircraft Illustrated

    It's not just here in Southern California where aircraft pilots are increasingly finding themselves temporarily blinded at nighttime by cheap, store-bought laser pointers--particularly ones with a more devastating green beam.If you're dismissive of the potency of the laser on aircraft cockpits, chec ... More >>

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    March 31, 2009

    The Long, Slow Death of CDs Continues, But There Are Bargains to Be Had!

    Compact discs have lasted nearly three decades--first on the market in October 1982!--but their farewell tour is hitting another stop, as Borders is dropping their stock of CDs (and DVDs).

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    December 19, 2008

    The Top 10 Reissues of 2008

    It's time to rank the best of what went around and came around again. BILLY JOEL The Stranger (Columbia/Legacy) As punk and disco exploded, the Piano Man's deeply unhip 1978 breakthrough proved that top-shelf Broadway/Brill Building songwriting could still sell - and, occasionally, rock. "Scenes ... More >>

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    December 11, 2008
  • Music

    December 4, 2008
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    August 14, 2008

    Raptor Attention

    Walking with Dinosaurs: The Live Experience

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    May 15, 2008
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    March 13, 2008
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    January 15, 2008

    To Do Tonight - 01/15

    SURF CITY NIGHTS, 5pm Bring friends and family and take an evening stroll on Main Street. Have a taste of HB's restaurants, sidewalk sales, farmer’s market, children’s activities and live entertainment. Main Street, Huntington Beach ANAHEIM DUCKS, 7pm Versus Dallas. Honda Center, 2695 E. Katell ... More >>

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    January 4, 2008

    To Do Tonight: 01/04

    RAY BUSH AND THE BBC JAZZ BAND 8 p.m. These old chaps seriously know their jazz. Bonus: Boddingtons on tap. The Olde Ship British Pub, 1120 W. 17th St., Santa Ana, (714) 550-6700 SWING DANCE LESSONS 7:45 p.m. Unleash your inner swinger with a one hour dance lesson. The Neighborhood Cup, 1 Journey, ... More >>

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    December 27, 2007


    Pause & Rewind: The best DVDs of '07 made old movies feel new again.

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    November 22, 2007

    Friday - 11/23

    Antarctica at Pitzer College, Kathy Griffin at OCPAC, Ray Bush & the BBC Jazz Band at the Olde Ship

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    October 23, 2007

    Pigs* Bust OiNK

    The BBC reports that British and Dutch police today have shut down the popular and flagrantly illegal music-downloading site OiNK and arrested its overlord, a 24-year-old man from Middlesbrough, England. That sound you hear is the celebratory high-5ing of major-label employees worldwide and Metallic ... More >>

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    October 11, 2007


    WEB EXCLUSIVE! You’ll Laugh Dying

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    May 31, 2007

    BBC Jazz Band! Go Now!

    So here it is on a Friday night, around 9 p.m. and I'm trying to break into the OC Weekly building. Which is locked. I had left something on my desk that I decided could not wait until Monday, but between all the construction going on and the fact that it's waaay after hours, there's no way I was ge ... More >>

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    March 15, 2007

    Dark Continentals

    Hollywoods Africa fetish continues with Beyond the Gates

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    August 3, 2006

    More Reasons to Read Michelle Malkin

    The commies that read this rag probably don't know that conservatives sparked the blogosphere revolution (mostly OC-based blabbermouth Hugh Hewitt), but it's true, Huffington Post notwithstanding. And few blogs are more widely read that the hysterical fits of cutey-pie/bitch Michelle Malkin, the gal ... More >>

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    July 27, 2006
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    June 23, 2006

    Can you hear me... Arrgghhh!

    Cell phones, as you know, can kill you. While there is still some controversy over whether your cell phone is capable of killing you slowly (e.g. brain tumors), there's no doubt about the cell phone's ability to facilitate a quick death (e.g. the idiot behind the wheel of a car whose phone conversio ... More >>

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    May 18, 2006
  • Film

    January 26, 2006

    Why He Fights

    Tracing the history of the military industrial complex

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    March 3, 2005

    Is That a Charcoal Stick In Your Pocket?

    Or are you just happy to see the Koos life-drawing workshop?

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    May 15, 2003

    From OC to Shining Sea

    90210 now outfoxed by Newports 92660

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    April 3, 2003
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    July 11, 2002
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    November 16, 2000

    The Insider

    Brave Dinesh DSouza comes to country club, worries about diversity

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