Ash Wednesday

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    February 12, 2013

    Our Mardi Gras Phat Tuesday Playlist

    That's right folks, it's Mardi Gras. The day before Lent kicks off with the solemn Ash Wednesday where absurdly excessive partying hits its absolute peak. Of course, whether you're a Catholic or not, Fat Tuesday is a fantastic excuse to cut loose and have the absolute most fun one can have on a Tues ... More >>

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    August 14, 2012

    [UPDATED with Park Reaction, 5 Boudlal v. Disney Surprises:] Imane Boudlal, Who Clashed with Disney over Wearing Hijab on Job, Sues

    See the update at the end of this post on Disney's response and five surprising allegations from Boudlal v. Disney. ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 13, 9:17 A.M.: At 10:30 this morning, the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California and the law offices of Hadsell Stormer Richardson & Renick ar ... More >>

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    February 28, 2012

    Guess Where Dave Fasted!

    ​Ash Wednesday was upon us before I really realized it, which meant I had to fast.Of course, fasting is a relative term; Muslims actually fast, abstaining from all food and water from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan. Christians in general and Catholics in particular don't come remotely close to a ... More >>

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    February 21, 2012

    Free Shrimp at Panda Express Tomorrow Today (Wednesday)

    ​Have you noticed  that every time Panda Express introduces a new dish, they give it away first? You could almost call it the pusher business model: let them have the first hit free, and they'll come back for more.They've done it for every recent product launch I can recall. From the Hone ... More >>

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    March 24, 2011

    Are All Mexicans Short and Brown?

    [¡Ask a Mexican!] Also, why do Mexican Catholics keep ashes on their foreheads after Ash Wednesday?

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    January 9, 2007

    My Morning Jacket at HOB Anaheim, 01/05/07

    I haven't been excited by any music in a long, long time. Wait, wait. Was that pretentious enough for you? No? Well, how about this: I haven't been excited by any new music in a long, long time. But Friday night's My Morning Jacket show at the House of Blues, Anaheim was the first concert in awhi ... More >>

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    November 22, 2006

    Elvis Perkins at Spaceland

    Providence's Elvis Perkins plays Club NME at Spaceland tonight, along with Pernice Brothers. Perkins' despondent (yet somehow soothing) vocals are somewhat reminiscent of crooners Jeff Buckley, Colin Meloy (eh) or Rufus Wainwright—but minus all that excessive theatricality. And recently sign ... More >>