There hasn't been a better time to get ground beef stuffed in a bun than now. While Five Guys and the Habit have ramped up to aggressively chase the In-N-Out dollar, top-tier chefs such as Charlie Palmer and Marcus Samuelsson downshifted to walk among commoners with burger joints of their own. For Palmer in particular, the burger is the great equalizer, the middle ground where the restaurateur and his customers can agree to meet while weathering the Great Recession. For other chefs, it's the fastest way to hit the ground running. Which is the reason Joseph Mahon, formerly of Bastide and a known pop-up-restaurant tinkerer, is soon settling down in Fullerton to open up a so-called Burger Parlor. Like everyone else, he recognizes there's nothing to be misunderstood about a burger. He knows what 25 Degrees, the Counter, Slater's 50/50 and countless corner greasy spoons have already figured out: The fastest way to connect with your audience is to serve them... More >>>