Tucked away in a modest unit of Huntington Beach's Old World Village, a spot best known for its Oktoberfest stein-chugging and Dachshund derbies, sits the prestigiously named OMC Gallery for Contemporary Art. It's a pretty fancy name, and the odd combination of fancy and the location might initially make viewers think they've been had. But the OMC Gallery is no kitsch shop. Owner-curator Rolf Goellnitz has a discerning eye, which is acutely apparent in his latest show featuring a fresh, young talent he plucked from obscurity. "Scott Valenzuela: Dreams of a Dream," is the debut exhibition for Valenzuela, a 25-year-old, self-taught artist who used to be a philosophy student. It's that kind of bio that adds another level of awe to an already... More >>>