There is such a thing as the perfect punch. When Huntington Beach grappler Ozzie Alvarez charged in, Irvine's Luis Salgado timed it perfectly and cut loose with an overhand right that caught Alvarez squarely in the jaw. Alvarez's shoulders slumped, and he thudded to the canvas, limp. Simultaneously, 1,500 fight fans sprang to their feet. If this had been a boxing match, that would have been it. But even though the Feb. 24 bout was taking place in a boxing ring, not an octagon, this was a mixed-martial-arts fight. Salgado pounced on his prostrate foe, raining down more blows. In this one moment, with the capacity crowd inside the Orange County Fairgrounds' new venue the Hangar in a frenzy, the debut of promoter Roy Englebrecht's boxing/MMA hybrid, Fight... More >>>