If I asked you to point me to the nearest snow-covered log cabin, I would be able to tell a little bit about you by the answer you gave. A person unfamiliar with our urban terrain would offer up Big Bear or somewhere in the distant mountain ranges, where logic dictates such a thing exists. A seasoned local, on the other hand, would mention the one right off the Valley View exit ramp on Interstate 5 in La Mirada—never mind that the "snow" is just plaster and paint. To northbound commuters, this freeway-adjacent, instantly recognizable structure is the landmark that tells you you've left the embrace of OC and are well on your way into Los Angeles County and beyond. To OC diners, the cabin is home to the closest branch of Clearman's North Woods Inn, a half-century-old institution, the site for commemorating life's milestones, a place where successive generations can celebrate another year lived with a sirloin steak and a baked potato so large it resembles an alien egg that Sigourney Weaver would obliterate... More >>>