I was in a hurry. It was very early. I was leaving to go on a long road trip to Baja just before Christmas. I’d gotten as far as San Diego when I went to get enough cash to last me six or so days. I discovered I had lost my wallet—full of pretty much my whole life, and I retraced my steps and returned to the gas station off La Paz Road in Mission Viejo, but no one had found it. You—from what I hear, you are a young man, on your way to work or maybe school—found my wallet. You could have turned it in to the gas station and never thought of it again. Instead, you drove my belongings to the address on my license, and since I wasn’t home, you left it with my neighbor. You are the kindest, most honest person I will never meet. Thank you so much. I hope your Christmas went well... More >>>