I never met you, but I am so grateful. It was dark, and I was driving to the 99 Cent store in Brea, and I was in a hurry. I took off my night-driving glasses and hurriedly threw them in the car as I exited. When I came back, my glasses were gone. I had locked the door, so I figured they fell between the cushions or in the back seat; I’ve done that before. A bit scared to drive without my glasses, I drove very slowly and cautiously. When I got home, I searched the car and found nothing. The next day, I called the optometrist and was amazed to find out how much the price had gone up. I called the 99 Cent store, and they had found nothing. A couple of hours later, I called again. Apparently, in that time, you had seen the glasses on the sidewalk and were thoughtful enough to turn them in to the store.... More >>>