Franki Doll and the Broken Toys aren’t just a bunch of punk-inspired rockers. They relate to one another more like family or maybe a co-ed street gang. Franki is deceptively small in size, but she rules the stage with a commanding presence. The Broken Toys—guitarists Chris Khaos and Alex Smith, bassist Andy Montana, and drummer Jenson Avery—provide glammed-up tunes that range from pop gems to metallic roars, like a less rockabilly-obsessed HorrorPops. The songs lay the foundation for Doll’s introspective tales of love, pain and overcoming the past. This combination of rock & roll power and personal honesty has earned the group a loyal band of admirers across the globe. “We don’t just have fans; we have an army,” Franki declares. Their legions will soon swell further with the... More >>>