Take the bare bones of the Cindy Abbott story, then take a look at the woman. The two don’t jibe the way one might expect. The 51-year-old Cal State Fullerton health-science lecturer and fitness buff decided on a whim to climb Mount Everest after watching a show on Discovery Channel. Not only did she complete the task last spring, but she also did so without the benefit of all her vision (she’d already lost her sight in one eye, but all went temporarily dark after summiting). Factor in the broken oxygen mask (sort of important at 29,000 feet), that she didn’t have all that much mountaineering experience to begin with, and the excruciating frostbite she experienced during the climb, and suddenly, she puts Indiana Jones to shame. Did we mention that prior to her odyssey, Abbott was diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis, a degenerative disease of the blood vessels that’s so rare her doctors have told her each patient is his or... More >>>