Mr. Professional Medical-Marijuana-Dispensary Owner/Operator: Your dispensary sold my friend hashish “capsules,” which are designed strictly for ingesting (eating) only, under the premise you could smoke the contents. Not only did they not work properly, but also his lungs were irritated, as these capsules contain powdered ginger and white pepper! Yum! Upon reading the fine print, my friend read these words: DO NOT SMOKE CONTENTS. Well, he tried to get this resolved with you, but he was informed the only way to be compensated was to have a doctor’s note! What? When my friend politely advised you that a “patient” walking around with a legal, doctor-authorized document stating negligence was caused by your staff member would not only be foolish, but also dangerous, you resolve the issue by banning him entirely from your place! Dude, quit acting like a dope dealer! These aren’t customers anymore;... More >>>