The don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of OC’s garage-rock scene was destined to produce a band as debauched as Cum Stain. Established last year, their unhinged punk spirit powers designed-to-offend titles such as “I Broke My Dick,” “Suck Her for You” and “Slip It Off, Slip It In.” Adding to the sordid silliness, mustachioed front man Sean Starling never passes up a chance to prance around onstage in his tighty-whities. But if you can get past your adult sense of propriety (okay, sanity), you might enjoy the quirky, distorted world of Starling and band members Raul Esparza (guitar), Brian Kim (bass) and Stephen Valle (drums). After all, a little bit of innocent sleaze never hurt anyone. Cum Stain are preparing to release an EP on La Habra label True Violence On Tape, as well as a full-length on... More >>>