Your parents and grandparents are great and all, but they’re not as cool as Fred and Toody Cole. The couple has been married since 1967, when Fred was the front man for a succession of 1960s and ’70s bands. Then he and Toody had three kids and settled outside Portland, and they are now the grandparents of seven. But they’ve spent most of the past 25 years playing music together, first as the Rats, then as legendary Portland garage punks Dead Moon (legendary as in Pearl Jam often covers their song “It’s OK”). They’re now performing as Pierced Arrows, with a handwritten endorsement from Eddie Vedder published Feb. 2 by “In a day and age when authenticity is harder to come by than an honest Republican,” the Pearl Jam leader notes, “legends Fred and Toody Cole deliver on every record and at... More >>>