Do Russian ballerinas know they’re the primary object of desire for horny 14-year-olds at private schools everywhere? (Oh, those arabesques, those attitudes en pointe, those muscular thighs—just tutu much!) You don’t have to have attended Groton, Phillips Exeter, Milton or Chetham’s, however, for ballet to affect you mightily. The legendary Bolshoi Ballet’s signature production of the sparkling, full-length classic, Don Quixote—“the fire and zest of Spain; grandiose technical feats; romance and light-hearted comedy; juicy folk-dancing; a breakneck, sun-dazzled whirl”—is an unforgettable spectacular of melody, movement and emotion. The distinguished-looking, heavy-breathing gentleman sitting in the front row, with flushed face and fevered eyes? A Choate alumnus in full... More >>>