This is to the new patrons at a local gym who need to wear a muzzle during spin class. Come on, guys, it used to be such a nice morning class with a fun group of people trying to burn calories consumed as alcoholic beverages during the weekend. Not anymore. You guys started showing up, moaning and groaning the entire class like you were trying to make a lousy porn film. I’m sure you’re great guys out of the class, but all of your noise-making is driving everyone in the class nuts—and is pretty repulsive, too! Some of the teachers even went so far as turning the music up as loud as possible—and you are STILL disrupting class with your grunts. Is all that necessary? Everyone else seems to get through the class without sounding like a Cinemax After Dark special. Do you really need attention that bad? For some of us, it’s the only hour we get to ourselves, and you are blowing it for us. Geez! If the class is really that difficult for you, maybe you should try the water aerobics. It’s... More >>>