When footage surfaced online late last month of Beyoncé's onstage tumble during the Orlando stop of her worldwide tour, most blogs and articles published about the "event" noted that, while she was just fine and had even continued singing to the track like a champ, the international superstar had asked fans at the show not to post video of her spill on the Internet. Quite a few people didn't obey, of course—come on B, this is Web 2.0—but more interesting than the splotchy hand-held footage of the singer's unglamorous face-plant (which admittedly looked like it really, really hurt) was her organization's after-the-fact efforts at damage control. Sony tried to delete the clip from YouTube in an attempt to maintain its brand integrity, since Beyoncé is a pop entity who earns an astounding amount of cash for the corporation. Protecting the world's eyes from her onstage fall wasn't entirely for image management. It was about Sony's reluctance to admit that Beyoncé is a human being and not just a curvy,... More >>>