Welcome to the debut of Sprawl of Sound. I hope to use this space for alerting you to what I consider to be the most interesting music skittering through my headphones. Each week, I will sift through my precariously teetering stacks of CDs and the fearsomely multiplying MP3s on Al Gore's astonishingly useful invention and analyze, contextualize, hyperbolize and occasionally pulverize the sonic specimens I think will stimulate your minds with the greatest force. I also hope to spotlight Orange County musicians, DJs, promoters and aural entrepreneurs doing outstanding things, as well as to hip you to exceptional touring acts venturing into our zone. In sum, I will strive to make Sprawl of Sound (literally) an S.O.S. to all who seek sonic succor—and gratuitous alliteration. If you have news, tips, gossip and/or music to share, send info/sounds to me at... More >>>