This is to the San Juan Capistrano salon owner who gave my wife and 9-month-old daughter the stink-eye when our baby felt the sudden urge to laugh and scream in excitement. While everyone around us seemed amused by her outburst of joy, you looked upon my wife and daughter with disdain, shaking your head disapprovingly, mouthing the word “no,” as if my wife could flip a switch and turn off our daughter’s emotions. Then you walk over to her and tell her that she needs “to control the child.”  Here’s a tip: If you can’t stand the sound of a baby’s laughter and excitement, find some joy in your life, you dick! With that haughty air about you, you would think your salon was John Hopkins and that you were the head of cardiothoracic medicine. You cut hair for a living! Get over yourself! Oh, and lastly, take down that sign on your counter that reads, “We love children.” You... More >>>