George (Ray Milland) is a desperate, hard-working exec suffering under the meaty thumb of his tyrannical boss, Earl Janoth (Charles Laughton). Janoth is an obese, hyper-meticulous schemer who could give C. Montgomery Burns lessons in wicked drollery; he actually docks the pay of one poor wretch who dares to leave a light on in a broom closet. Predictably enough, this perfect specimen of anal retention is a man of decadent private appetites, and when those appetites get him in trouble, Janoth is all too happy to let handy underling George take the fall. Laughton was never a subtle actor, attacking every role with lovably hammy gusto. It's difficult to imagine anybody but Laughton playing Janoth, but that's also true of every role Laughton ever played. He was a true chameleon (or as chameleon-like as a guy shaped like a refrigerator could be), a master thespian of the wigs-and-funny-teeth school who absolutely commanded every scene he appeared in. Laughton's acting is always compelling, but when he's given room to... More >>>