Bob Becker is the first violist for the Pacific Symphony. I'm not sure what that means, or what special privileges go along with that title—perhaps he gets a discount on spats . . . Suck on that, second violist scum!—but I do know that he's a helluva nice guy. I've talked with Bob before, once for a story about the opening of the Renee and Henry Segerstrom Hall, and found him to be not only a good guy but—and this tells you something about my relationship with high art—also surprisingly normal. We talked about football and hardware and what a pain in the ass kids can be. (I can't remember if we really talked about the latter but, c'mon, they can be such pains in the ass.) Anyway, I thought the first violist for a symphony that was quickly gaining national and international acclaim, who is also a normal nice guy, would be a good person to ask about his favorite OC things. And Becker loves... More >>>