It’s too straight ahead to be metal, but packs far too much testosterone to have the word “indie” anywhere near it. However, somewhere deep inside Wulf Bane’s tough-guy savagery lurks a monster familiar to fans of the grunge hey-day. Whether it’s their vague, angst-ridden songs of revolution, pummeling power chords or the ability to genre-hop like they just don’t give a fuck, this Costa Mesa/Huntington Beach quartet brings sharp-toothed, hard rock nostalgia to nearly every song they’ve got. And apparently La Cave digs it—they’ve been rocking the hidden watering hole for a solid three weeks now as resident guests. This week, they’re bringing along fellow Huntington Beach rockers Frankie Doll and the Broken Toys for a night that’s sure to stir up as much HB pride and ass-kickage as you’re going to find on a Monday. We advise you to bring a bandana. Got sleeves on your shirt? Rip those suckers off and you’re good... More >>>