We were at the Rhino Records in Claremont recently, picking up the new Bob Dylan and Pete Yorn CDs, when my girlfriend came upon a little stub of a paperback book on one of the wall racks and pulled it down to have a look. It was about the size of a 100-pack of 4 x 6 index cards, with a plain white cover with no words anywhere on it, either front or back. No title, no author, no description of the contents, no blurbs, nothing. "What do you think?" she asked, and handed it to me. Opening it up, I discovered no title page, not even a copyright by the publisher, just a tiny reference on the book's last page to www.dedrabbit.com. It turned out to be a website for the dedrabbit publishing outfit, which specializes, evidently, in twentysomething alienation and operates out of Northampton, Massachusetts. A red flier jammed into the book's pages revealed that this... More >>>