If most of Orange County seems to have sprung up overnight, it's because it did—at least on a geologic time scale. Wherever you're reading this, chances are 50 years ago, you would have been up to your shins in lima beans and cow manure. If not for the vision of Henry Segerstrom, the man who, for better or worse, turned Orange County from citrus groves to cosmopolitan shopping plazas, you'd still be able to find some cheap land to homestead and raise some goats north of Mission Viejo. But hey, what's livestock and a shack compared to a designer dog and a condo? By developing his farmland into South Coast Plaza, a commercial mecca intended to rival anything Los Angeles had to offer, and then offering state planners 50 acres of Costa Mesa real estate through which to run the newly proposed 405 freeway, Segerstrom ensured South Coast Plaza would remain smack-dab in the way of anyone trying to get south of LA, and the... More >>>