Bobbi Humphrey was born in Texas and learned to play the flute in Texas and learned everything else in Texas too because she stayed until she'd gone through two different colleges all the way to Southern Methodist University—motto Veritas Liberabit Vos!—and a intramatricular talent contest where she played her flute for judge Dizzy Gillespie, who could see that Bobbi Humphrey was at this point too much for the tiny state of Texas to handle anymore, so he pointed her toward New York City. And Bobbi Humphrey wrote a little note to the Apollo Theater (located in New York City) inquiring about the performance options for Texan jazz flutists, and they telegrammed back saying WE'RE SAVING YOU A SEAT STOP. Basically there she went: at 21, she was on Blue Note as their first female signee and certainly their first female Texan jazz flutist and they dropped a top-flight set of technicians behind her and she took a few test... More >>>