Truthfully, this week's DVD pick isn't going to be of use to many of you. If you're worth your mettle as a collector, you probably already own a copy of Criterion's spectacular three-disc edition of Terry Gilliam's Brazil—arguably the best package the prestige DVD distributor has ever released—so for you, this is irrelevant. Unless you are of the detail-oriented, trainspotter variety for whom details like standard wide-screen vs. anamorphic (sadly, I don't have room to explain to the laymen here—Google it!) matters. See, it's to correct the picture on the film to anamorphic that Criterion is rereleasing their Brazil set this week (there is also a single-disc anamorphic release, for those who already have the big'un), but for those of you who have gone without until now, there's no way this box can be... More >>>