Low, which is to say no, expectations can be a wonderful thing; expect nothing, and maybe you'll get that little outta-nowhere sumpin-sumpin that turns an otherwise unfulfilling occurrence into a vaguely rewarding experience. It's not like Invincible boasts the most promising of credentials: a first-time filmmaker (Ericson Core, the cinematographer on the impossible-to-watch Daredevil), a first-time screenwriter (Brad Gann), a based-on-a-true-story script that more or less mimics Rudy's underdog-to-top-dog storyline, Mark Wahlberg in a Boogie Nights (or Rock Star) wig and Greg Kinnear as the as-if Dick Vermeil. That this-really-happened shtick has become the kiss of death affixed to most recent sports stories (Remember the Titans, Glory Road). And getting a release in the middle of August is like getting dumped on American Eagle flights between Wichita, Kansas,... More >>>