It's a fact: sugary cereals such as Cap'n Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie-Crisp, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch—even Kix!—are not the stuff of a well-balanced breakfast, but rather a convenient way for any 7-year-old kid to eat dessert for brekkie, and for parents to feel a little less guilty about the time Junior begged for—and received—Pop-Tarts la mode (with syrup and a cherry on top). There are, of course, those who will contend otherwise, those who will claim that these boxes of diabetes are actually good for you (here's looking at you, Kellogg's—Smart Start, my ass!), but that's, well, a load of crap. Or sugar. Anyway. My solution? Shelve the Froot Loops, bring on the Bran Flakes. Start the day off right, y'know? Follow with a healthy lunch, snack and dinner, and then, when the moon is yea high, throw on some jammies, pop in a good DVD and head to the pantry for perhaps the greatest p... More >>>