Like me, you grew up thinking the best chocolate comes in a hard, colorful shell that protects the chocolate inside, allowing it to deliquesce in your mouth rather than on your hands, and so the idea of paying a buck-75 for a single piece of Chuao Chocolatier's Grignottines (roasted and caramelized almond slivers, mixed with finely chopped pistachios and orange peel and blended with dark Venezuelan chocolate) is likely to seem to you, as it did to me, dumb, the very summit of conspicuous consumption (about which see Thorstein Veblen) and commodity fetishism (Antonio Gramsci), and thus not for you—the you presently holding a cup of Starbucks coffee ($4.25) and laughing down your aquiline nose, the bridge of which (nose) supports a pair of super-fine black-matte Hoven... More >>>